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Yamato 2199 Alternative [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Space Battleship Yamato 2199 series, by Behind Moon

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In all honesty, I tell myself, if I had a vagina grow on me, I would totally enjoy the fapping AND schlicking together.

Coming from this mangaka, this is softcore level. Simply, the female captain of the Yamato (in the 2199 series) wakes up with a dick implanted on her, there’s a mind manipulation and mindbreak keikaku (obviously going to backfire), she has urges, etcetera. This is very Japanese, a mix of fucked up and huge sighing material.
But as far as the drawings go, in the futa category, this is very good, so it’s got to count, right? ^^

Thanks to Al, Vilis and Seanpie, from Hennojin! :jap:

By Behind Moon, I also share Dulce Report 1-14 (Uncensored version), DR II episodes 1-6, Morning Practice 0(Love)-15, Phallic Girls 1-3 (Uncensored version), Phallic Girls 4 (Uncensored version), Phallic Girls 5-6 (Uncensored version), Futanari Erection Girl (185 pictures), Fuck Bang Juuketsu-Chan, Nyotaika Clinic, Ushiro No Futa-Ko-san, a pack of 2 works (BehindMoon Recycle + Glass Fire) and Watch Me Maria-Sama.
(Side note: I should call the mangaka “Q” or “Dulce Q”, but old habits refuse to die.)

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Pack of 2 hentai works [English], by Digital Accel Works, Also Known As Inazuma or Shouji Sato

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That quadruple pagespread, with 23 girls... HNNNNNNG !!!

I had forgotten about these, but the memory suddenly came back and now I NEED to share this goodness :twisted:

Here are two pleasant works by Digital Accel Works. They are :
Chou Jigen Senkoutei Inazuma Hyperdimensional Submarine Inazuma, a Space Battleship Yamato 2199 parody.
Inazuma Lip Stick, a Precure parody. Featuring 23 girls in an epic 4-pages wide panel.

I won’t bother you with a summary, we’re talking about Inazuma here, this is brains-free happy carefree sex, with totally fuckable girls showing hot bodies, and the oral action is especially good. Enjoy ! :beer: And thanks to Doujin-Moe for these releases !

(For MUCH more stuff, Cf. The list of ALL my Digital Accel Works shares)
One day, I’ll have these redirection pages updated.

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Pack of 3 works [two in English + an Artbook, 142 pictures] by Digital Accel Works, Also Known As Inazuma or Shouji Sato

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I gathered here three works by Digital Accel Works, either freshly released, or lying in wait in my recent downloads folders :
Inazuma Sanshiki Yuugou Dan Inazuma (“Triple Fusion Bomb“), a parody of girls from various games and anime (Lamu, Shun-Li, Rei Ayanami, Nami from One Piece, Precure and Space Battleship Yamato girls), just sex shots without a scenario.
There are real interesting monologues from the artist (Inazuma) about his work, we also learn Highschool Of The Dead is drawn by the artist’s BROTHER, Inazuma is only lending him a hand, this is NOT the same person :shock:
Lightning Pop, an artbook featuring many of the heroines drawn by Inazuma, and possibly girls inspired from mangas, usually with a weapon, in SPLENDID full-color arousing poses, with only little amount of clothing on them. Only ecchi, but eyegasms on their way
Semen High , an original work, about a college girl and a young female officer preying on virgin boys. That was nothing short of hilarious, the dialogues were crazy :lol:

(For MUCH more stuff, Cf. The list of ALL my Digital Accel Works shares)

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Medical Drunkard [English], a Space Battleship Yamato 2199 hentai doujinshi, by Pinvise

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I totally love you, Pinvise, making porn so much more enjoyable ! :D

This body ! Those curves ! That horny face ! This standing DP !!
Oh, my bloodshot happy eyes ! Pinvise is a hell of an hentai artist, HATS OFF ! :D (And thanks a lot to Doujin-Moe’s Raikoh and Akuma !)

In this Space Battleship Yamato 2199, we simply see a drunk female crew member have sex with two colleagues. She doesn’t feel fatigue, and her hot body keep the two men active, RHA it was good :twisted:

For more awesomesauce, see The list of the works by Pinvise on Hentairules!

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Ian Senkan Yamato 2199 [English], a Space Battleship Yamato 2199 hentai doujinshi by Eroquis (AKA Butcha-U)

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Two female crew officers from Space Battleship Yamato 2199 having sex

The captain of this space battleship decides that, to relieve the crew’s state of extreme mental fatigue, the women are to become mens cumdumps.
Let’s avoid speaking about imbecile sexism to think only men could be a valuable asset needing a boost while women are disposable materials, this would be pointless when hentai mangas are aimed at young men (but, still… ¬_¬)

Nah, to my surprise this didn’t turn to silly mindbreak + rape : all the women gladly accepted the job and relished in providing service. There are even blissful humorous moments («His dick… D… did it melt an evaporate ? It… It’s still there ! His dick… is still there ! I’m glad I was born on God’s green Earth !! » – and everybody celebrates, waving their arms) – Ain’t the hentai world magical ^^;;
Thanks to Doujin-Moe’s Raikoh for this release :)

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Kannai Fuku Gaki Ni Natte Shikataganai 2199 [English], a Space Battleship Yamato 2199 hentai doujinshi by Hellabuna Giant Comics

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Female offiers from the Space Battleship Yamato 2199, having sex.

I guess Space Battleship Yamato 2199 can only be popular, it is recent, and it is Leiji Matsumoto flavoured. Heck, even now, over 25 years later, I’m still moved when I remember the most intense Harlock Saga (or, as it was called in my country, Albator) moments :3

This time this is another hentai genious holding the drawing pen, Iruma Kamiri, the artist behind the Hellabuna name. The girls from the Yamato spaceship go into heat, and they have sex while keeping most of their sexy tight-fitting uniform – that’s all of it ^^

(And there’s the list of ALL Hellabuna Giant Comics’ works on Hentairules)

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Inyoku No Kan 2199 [English], a Space Battleship Yamato 2199 doujinshi by Aki Kitahara

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A good hentai double penetration

During a blissful second, I imagined, seeing at the cover, this was a Kill Bill hentai parody. Not, only a parody of Space Battleship Yamato 2199 ^^

In this story, the main female heroine (one could call her the obligatory bimbo salesmachine every anime needs to add *cough*) looks mostly braindead, and she has happy sex with the male crew, in order to satisfy their pent up lust, and her own lust in the process. Good oral, vaginal, and DP :)

By the same artist, known as Aki Kitahara and Secret Society M, I also share Kousai Keiken Hitori Keiken Ninzuu 13-nin, Ninshin Shichatta Dareka Tasukete, Senpai Ga Benki, Torikage No Joou, Venus Ga Oji-san Ni Camera Mesen De Makuwararete, Sayonara Nene-san, Helena-sama And I, Shintaku No Kairou and A Pack of 9 other works (Doukoku no Ori + Kinpatsu Tsuma no Toriko + Koi suru NyoTengu + Limit of Despair + Pleasure on the Opposite Side of the Vending Machine + Second Hand Nene-san + Utahime no Shouzou + Utahime No Shouzou 3 + Yousei Keikaku).
Credits are for Raikoh, from, and whoever he commissioned for the translation :)

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