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Pack of 4 works [English, Full-color, 102 pictures] by the hentai mangaka Kamogawa Tanuki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

Oh god those boobs.

I gathered here four fullcolor doujinshi by the eromangaka Kamogawa Tanuki (also known as Kamogawaya). There’s never a particular scenario to mention, there are girls, there are dicks, and brains are not necessary frankly ^^
The censorship level is: “infuriating”, AKA huge mosaics, it’s a sad pity. But I believe that doesn’t stop the drawings to be arousing and really pleasant to the eye… I hope you’ll like it enough, haha :)

Those four works are:
Gochuumon Wa Koucha Desu Ka: the Girls Und Panzer girls in school uniforms (woohoo, nylon fetish for the win!!) and (wut?) nanobikini too. One of the girl is a loli, sorry.
Houra: for some reason, Nodoka, one of the girls from the Saki series, has sex with her father. Great paizuri, vaginal sex, and boy does pink hair (and giant boobs) make a girl sexy. A weird note: I deliberately chose to share with you a censored version of this one. The two alternatives I rejected were: a “fantasy” version (with weird changes, ranging from useless/unnecessary to garbage) and a “decensored” version (that was so poorly decensored the original white censorship bars looked much better on genitals.)
Not Pants: three Strike Witches girls, and dicks. One of the girls is a loli, sorry.
Saki To Nodoka Act 2: Saki, again. Foursome time. I know it’s hard to tell because it’s the volume that got, by very far, the greatest amount of censorship, but one of the panels is featuring double penetration, woot.

–Update: look, I have no idea why, allright? Certainly I screwed up somewhere, I’m not trying to escape guilt, I simply mention things as I discover them now. But I just noticed, one of these volumes, Houra, is shared under another name on Hentairules, under the name Waryou :shock:

For a lot more, please see The list of Kamogawa Tanuki’s works on HentaiRules

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Strike Witches hentai doujin [English] : I’d Like To Realize My Long-cherished Desire, by Studio Katsudon (aka Jouji Manabe)

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By HurpDurp on 12 comments
I can't think of anything funny to say about this image.

HurpDurp reporting for duty!Wait! I’ve used that already! Damn! Why is is so hard to think up some kind of introduction?!

I was considering posting two doujinshis, but since Oliver is already sharing two mangas today I figured it wasn’t necessary. I’ll share two next time he is only sharing one assuming I have two to share. (Which isn’t happening again until the 25th.)

And so here’s a Strike Witches dj. What’s this? It’s not yuri? you jest, it’s Strike Witches, so it has to be yuri, right!? OH GOD MY WORLD HAS BEEN TURNED UPSIDE DOOOOOOOOOOOWN! D=

So Sakamoto has sex (or I guess a better description is “tortures”? It starts out with her being a total sadist/dominatrix and him being a total masochist/submissive) with her right hand man. Dunno who that is? I don’t blame you, I didn’t either. I had first assumed he was some random made up character, but apparently Hijikata is actually in the show. A total of 4 times. The first episodes of both seasons, the second episode of season 2 (which I never saw) and he pops up randomly in episode 12 of the same season. He’s also apparently in the drama CD and Light Novel. Who knew? I sure didn’t!

Anyway, Sakamoto starts torturing her sub, who then starts feeling guilty for receiving all of the pleasure, suddenly becomes a dom and makes Sakamoto his bitch so she goes “Kimochi ii!” as well. (Or so he believes. She was lied to about cum making her recover her magic, so she was trying to make him do that from the start anyway.)

Let’s all thank the TriforceTrinity Translations Team for this release! More specifically No4h for his translation, Neko Arcueid Brunestud for his cleaning and Phantom Renegade for his typesetting!

For MORE Jouji Manabe works, check out The list of Studio Katsudon shares !
(Which I should really get around to updating…)


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Strike Witches hentai doujin [English] : Shir and Gert In Big Trouble, by Deisui Oukoku

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment
Futa fans, enjoy. Me, I'll move on to vanilla heterosexual stuff instead ^^

How long was it, since I last shared decent futanari hentai ? Have some ! =)

There’s not really a scenario to mention, two Strike Witches heroines have a go at sex together. There’s a happy carefree humour, the girls have strong characters, providing us with decent comic relief. The sex is rather average, but that might be because I don’t dig futa myself.
Oh well, see for yourselves, right ? And thanks to Altereggo, Phantom Renegade and Calyx, from Little White Butterflies :)

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Strike Witches hentai doujin [English] : Delicious Witches, by Kuroneko Akaribbon

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By oliver_the_admin on 4 comments

Yeah, Ken Akamatsu fans should definitely dig it !

The story is ridiculous, but since this is just “happy who cares fap’n’go hentai”, this doesn’t matter ;)

In short, Strike Witches heroines face an unexpected “attack” that boosted the libido of their male crew members, and the only solution is to dive headfirst into a giant orgy with everyone. Happy sex follows in multiple combos, this is highly enjoyable, and the drawings are pretty good too :)
If you’re a Negima fan you might enjoy it even more, several girls have “nekomimi or something alike (bunny, etc…)” ears :o And thanks to Cgrascal for the release !

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