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Succubus Company [English], by ShiBi

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Jebus hentai christ on a flaming bycicle, that was flaming hot

That should be weird and yet it’s commonplace in hentai: here is yet another succubus who is, at heart, a goofy candid pure girl :shock: :lol:
She’s worried because she hasn’t yet managed to wring out sperm out of humans, the tales of Man’s fearsome organ still shake her up… Which is problematic, it’s her job, it’s a company and all ^^ Fortunately, she finally she meets the right person for her: a feminine-looking young teenager, and then things finally work fine for them both, as she will find out, it was no biggie, and totally worth it =)

There was lots of talent in the drawings, fine paizuri, pretty decent vaginal sex, with only minimal censorship, I won’t complain ^_^
Enjoy! And many thanks to Gian-Carlo and the Patrons of No Hentai No Life! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Arashi No Naka De Kagayaite and Tomatta Mama No Shiawase Na Toki.

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Alp Switch volume 1 [English], plus, separately, Alp Switch volumes 2-3 [English too, but yaoi], by Konoshiro Shinko

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Hentai trained me to view pretty much anything as sexy. Horns? Fuck yeah, sure.

Should I have taken it badly? When I realized what was coming at the end of the volume 1, I started laughing, laughing… I had been had, I didn’t see it coming :lol:

So, yeah, here’s your usual succubus hentai story… during one volume.
But after this volume, the succubus becomes an incubus, and everything takes a yaoi turn ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I have no issues with people loving yaoi, however I don’t count myself among its fans, so here’s what I did:
– share the volume 1 like a normal usual share
– share separately the volumes 2-3. This way, you’re free to avoid the yaoi if it’s not to your taste either.

Don’t be a moral bigot, enjoy the first volume at least, lol.
Anyway, it’s up to you. Credits are for Tasteless Whiskey and MysteryMeatTranslations, thank you!

By the same artist, I also share Yarazu No Ame Wa Totsuzen Ni, Konyoku Erotenburo and Himitsu No Jitsugi Enshuu.

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Yume Utsutsu (“While Dreaming”) [English], by Hitotsuba (circle Futabatei)

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I tried to pick a picture that would give you an idea of how much censorship to expect

Yesssss, a new succubus hentai story :twisted:
The male MC is a male Japanese teenager, and he’s been having those dreams, in which a babe with little wings and a tail has sex with him. A new private tutor arrives, unsurprisingly, it’s the girl. The rest of the manga toys with the idea the border between daytime “being teased” and dream-time full-sex is blurred, hard to tell when one ended and the other begun. I’m not going to feel sorry for the boy, that lucky bastard :D

The censorship could have been way worse, the drawings are full of enthusiasm and somehow remind me of the artist Hisasi, I’d say it’s good, go for it! ^_^
We owe this release to Skaar and Saft, many thanks!

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Loveraune ~ Idol Monster Girls [English, 157 pictures, Uncensored version], by Shiraha Mato

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Shit, are thse hotpants? HOW COULD I FAIL TO NOTICE UNTIL NOW

Let’s see… A harpy, a lamia, an alraune (plant-woman), a female futanari unicorn (the only chapter I would totally call sickeningly disgusting, but I know, to each his own, etcetera), a furry shotacon, an undine, and a female demon (at first I thought she was your usual succubus, but she had an evil soul): yep, this is a monster girl manga :D :lol:
The drawings are fairly good, and, even better, fully uncensored, so there’s that.

In terms of scenario, the main arc (the first 65 pictures) is pretty funny: in a world where Heroes vastly outnumber demons and monster-kins, three monster girls form an idol band to help spread the optimistic notion that everyone can peacefully live together. One one or another, orgy after orgy, it works ^^
The rest of the manga is made of single chapters, with varied scenarii, from brains-free uncomplicated sex, to one based on corruption through sex at the hands of a succubus, but let’s say it’s mostly consensual and enthusiastic.

All in all, I’m still no fan of monster girl, but that tank had its merits, a good number of bits were okay. Enjoy! ^^
And thanks to whoever released it :jap:

By the same artist, I also share the gloriously WTF comedy Two Love Roux (180 pictures) and TS Mermaid Densetsu.

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Tonari No Tawawa Na Hitozuma Ni (“What I Did To The Voluptuous Married Woman Next Door”) [English], by Ohkura Bekkan

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Inb4 anal

Wait, somebody remembered succubi are dream demons and can’t have direct physical interaction with real world persons?!? Crazy.

Here we are with a succubus feeding on human emotions once they’re satisfied, and for this she will share a little bit of her power with the neighbour of a sexy married woman.
The plan worked perfectly, the woman found herself unable to resist as soon as her eyes crossed the bewitched neighbour’s eyes, and every time the man’s lustful actions escalated (things went as far as anal), she found herself unable to resist, her feeble moral protests unable to hide her body was welcoming everything.

The drawings were intense, good contrasts gave plenty of impact to the art. However, here’s something not everyone enjoys I know, there’s a very crude side to it, the woman’s got pubic and underarm hair, the not too annoying censorship bars don’t hide the crude aspect of the genitalia… Personally I dig this, but, hey, to each his own :)

Thanks to Jumi, Darkhellsing, Iizaru, Hubb, A-Psy, Danky and Brooch, from Red Lantern TL for this release! :jap:

(I share more stuff by Ohkura Bekkan, Cf. The list of all Ohkura Bekkan’s works…)

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Koakuma Setsuko No Himitsu 4 [English], by Kakao

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Jebus hentai fucking christ, those boobs

–Update: there’s a volume 5 now! :)

So. We’re with a fourth volume, indeed, but global context matters rather little, and it’s summarized in the very beginning: a highschool girl became a succubus, she uses her powers to push the boy she likes into having sex with her, and this is it, for the finer details, read the manga yourselves ;)

The focus isn’t on the story, but on the sex. And in that regard, the drawings are SPLENDID. The girl’s cute naughty face, with her pointy ears and her (rarely visible) tail, on top of all her splendid tits, man what a magnificent display :twisted:

By the same artist, I also share Koakuma Setsuko No Himitsu volume 5 and Hajimete Ga Ii No.

For this release, my thanks go to Gian-Carlo and the Patrons of No Hentai No Life!

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Yamitsuki Mura Dainiya [English], + a repack with Yamitsuki Mura Daiichiya, by Alp

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A new achievement for hentai: making bowl haircut look sexy.

So, would you remember Yamitsuki Mura Daiichiya, in which a male scholar decides to investigate alone an all-female country village in which male travelers mysteriously disappear? His first night in, the “normal” woman hosting him reveals her hyper horny side and leaves him with empty balls.

Here is the sequel, in which a part of the mystery is unveiled: this is more complex than it seems, better than an evil all-village keikaku, and the male MC has some fight in him :twisted: (but he still ends the day with empty balls, hentai oblige.)
No apologies I’m so vague, it’s deliberate, find out the details by yourself :twisted:

With that, pretty good art, intense, a bit crude, with lots of impact, you won’t read me complaining :)
My thanks go to Baked_Yeems and Hive :jap:

By the same artist, called Alp, from the circle Ringoya, I also share Gohoubi Poolside, Watanabe No Kyuujitsu, Takami No Kyuujitsu, Yamitsuki Mura Daiichiya, a pack of 4 works (Charm Ring + Hoshizora Merry Line + Hoshizora Unline + C95 Omake Hon + Trance Control), Ohara No Kyuujitsu, Maru No Hodokoshi, Dressing Up, Miwaku No Kusari, Sturm-dono To Sashite Asobou, Hoshizora Snow Line, Secret Fan Meeting and Hana Asobi.

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