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Pack of 6 works [English, 133 pictures] by Inoue Yoshihisa

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Those censorship bars must feel lonely

Those doujinshi by Inoue Yoshihisa were released a few days ago, let’s just share them together, shall we? ^^
They’re all parodies of the K-On! series (like Pony-On, shared 9 years ago), save the first one targetting Girls Und Panzer, featuring the cute heroines, this time gladly experiencing shibari, domination, fun with accessories, pain they’re happy to experience… The usual, with Inoue Yoshihisa, basically :)

Namely, those works are:
Darjeeling-sama No Drink Bar (About this one, the cover shouldn’t come as a surprise, some of the Japanese have long thrown every sense of dignity down the gutter, long story short, yeah, it’s been a thing, shaved ice dispensers modelled after peeing anime girls, see this, this and that.)
Pony-On 2 Onee-chan No Nawa Tte Attakaku Te Kimochi Ii Yo Ne
Pony-On Anone Watashi No Koto Shibatte Hoshii No
Pony-On Hora Onee-chan Tonnyan Da Yo
Pony-on Machi Ni Sumi-re Yatte Kita (Ge)
Pony-on Machi Ni Sumi-re Yatte Kita (Jou)

If I were to point out the differences compared to the usual Inoue Yoshihisa material, I’d say there’s no actual scenario and the sex is less intense, more pages are dedicated to the “slice of life” parts, which is good if you’re K-On or Girls Und Panzer fans (sympathizing would be easy), a bit of a waste if you aren’t.
Enjoy? And thanks to CrowKarasu Translations! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Escape Creator (possibly the BEST rope bondage manga ever, not shitty at all), Mazocian (214 pictures), Teacher X Teacher (181 pictures), Nawashi (215 pictures), Shibarare Hime (217 pictures), Pony-On, Sunao chapters 1-2 and 5-8 + bonus (122 pictures), Surface Avalanche, Getsuyoubi No Tights (“Monday Tights”), Darjeeling-sama Ichiban Shibari, Watashino Beer-sales Costume, and I’m certain you’d appreciate to read Ojii-San Is A Shounen Detective, a non-hentai hilarious and well-drawn manga!


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Gohoubi Poolside (“Poolside Reward) [English], by Alp

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Don't even pretend that image leaves you uninterested

I have a strong déjà-vu impression, and yet, I searched, I don’t find that one in my past shares, or in my various other downloads, torrents included. Go figure O_o
–Edit: nevermind, I got it now \o/

Anyway. Here comes Gohoubi Poolside, a nicely pleasant hentai release in which a female senpai “motivates” a promising but lazy swimming club male member. Basically, she’ll have sex with him if he takes training seriously, and we watch their first time together ^^

The censorship is too strong for my tastes, very thick black bars. But apart from that, the girl’s face was adorable (and those times she said “no” with her mouth while her entire body was streaming “YES!“, huhu), and if you too you’ve got a swimsuit fetish, you should definitely enjoy it :twisted:
We owe this release to Hive-san, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, called Alp, from the circle Ringoya, I also share Watanabe No Kyuujitsu, Ohara No Kyuujitsu, Yamitsuki Mura Daiichiya, a pack of 4 works (Charm Ring + Hoshizora Merry Line + Hoshizora Unline + C95 Omake Hon + Trance Control), Takami No Kyuujitsu, Maru No Hodokoshi, Dressing Up, Miwaku No Kusari,Sturm-dono To Sashite Asobou, Hoshizora Snow Line, Secret Fan Meeting and Hana Asobi.

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Tengoro [English, 167 pictures], by Kusatsu Terunyo

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Swimsuit, check. Erojoules = erojoues + 1.000.000

A clarification, first: if you remember the first chapter of the Sonotoki, Kanojo Wa manga, Tengoro is the full-volume-extended version of it.

Hmmm… Let’s say it could have been way worse? ^^
Tengoro is about a love triangle composed of a pure girl, a pure boy who’s the childhood friend of the pure girl, and a good-looking moral degenerate with great sexual skills… I wonder if you have already guessed what we’re headed into? ;) :lol:

When I say it could have been worse: the scumbag boy doesn’t use underhanded methods, he’s absolutely forward with his intention: to make the girl fall for him. He’s the first to become the girl’s lover, showing her all the great things there’s with sex. Also, the girl’s got this “slap me please” character I hate so much, she may say “no” as much as she wants, it’s absolutely obvious she loves being bullied and pushed around.
However, he’s still a scumbag: when (many months later) the girl finally enters a boyfriend-girlfriend relation with the pure boy, he’ll renew his presence around her, reminding her as often as possible that he’s the better lover, and try to instil doubt in the competitor’s mind to shake off his confidence.

Graphically, it’s fap gold. The first 60 or so pages have very little censorship, small thin bars, after this it’s – sadly – blurred mosaic, but even like that, the girls generous teenage body, with her heavy breasts and her ample hourglass figure, that was totally worth it :twisted:

Thanks a lot to Kidney and SoyleB for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Ane Haha (193 pictures), Sonotoki, Kanojo Wa (215 pictures.)
There’s also the Homestay Daydream Series chapters 1-6, however that one is incomplete, more chapters of it were shared later. However, I got ultra fed up with it: the drawings were looking more and more like shit, the quality of both the story and the images was falling far too low, so I went “fuck it, I give up” and decided I’d wait for the (however distant) day it’s recompiled or reedited into a tankoubon. So, take it as it comes, or find more of it elsewhere.

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Chaldea Mania – Kuro And Shiro [English, Uncensored], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate Grand Order game, by the artists Fishine and Ireading (making the “Bear Hand” circle)

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Damn, that surprise anal that went in smooth as a breeze. DAMN!

Jeanne, Jeanne Alter and a maid Artoria Pendragon have lots of futanari sex thanks to a misunderstanding and to futa potion. No further explanations required, it’s best you enjoy every little detail as they show up, let’s just mention the ambient comedy relief atmosphere is amusing ^^
You will have massive creampies, powerful uncensored sex, joyfully messy cluttered panels, the usual Bear Hand stuff, may I say :)

Thanks to Nishimaru Translations, have a good read, folks!!

By the same artist… … oh shit, what a mess, hang in there. The Bear Hand circle was first called Turtle.Fish.Paint. Its two members are Hirame, also called Fishine, and Ireading, also called Abi Kamesennin, also called An zheng ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
So, by the Bear Hand circle/artists, up till now, I also share NieR _ 2BR18JINX! Come On, Shoot FasterSoOO Sensou, Trial of The Falsely Accused, Tennen Delivery (“Airhead Delivery) and the buttastic Overtime volume 1 and volume 2.

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Pakotate! Seikouritsu 0% No Teppeki Bishojo VS Seikouritsu 100% No Hentai Katei Kyoushi [English, 235 pictures], by Takuwan

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Dark-skinned girl, best girl

The male hero in Pakotate is a private tutor and college student with a super high IQ whose main interest is to have sex with as many girls as possible. His tutor side job gives him access to fresh cute girls who all fall for his charm (it’s like magic ^^)… But at the start of this volume, he finally stumbles on an obstacle, a girl that dares resist him, shocking :lol:
Allow me to reassure you, he won’t become an evil mastermind, or a dirty rapist. The follow-up is, how to say… More Takuwan-like, a combination of weird tactics, carrot and stick, and taking advantage of personal flaws, not very heroic but nothing scummy either :)

Along the way, before scoring himself a girlfriend for life (for obligatory reasons I shall not mention, huhu), our very unique male MC will have sex with plenty of girls, it’s an open and very tolerant harem, the girls know they’re side dishes and don’t mind either way ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
In the middle, there’s a pair of non-main-arc chapters, they’re also pretty good.

Regarding the drawings, we’re in Takuwan territory: deliciously excessive. Huge asses, even larger breasts, verrry erotic lips, vaginal, paizuri, anal, sex in pairs, in threesomes, in groups, with only minor white bar censorship, and everyone’s enjoying their time ^_^

Enjoy the EXCELLENT tank, quality material like that is far too rare!
And many thanks to Salar from Hentaicore and Doujin-Moe!! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share H.Ero – Sei No Kyoushitsu (“Classroom of Sex”, 243 pictures), Turning Point Anniversary Edition (234 pictures), Imouto Wa Boku No Ayatsuri Ningyou and Honor Student Ooshima Yuna’s Neglicence.

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Chaldea Yariman Nanpa Bitch-bu [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate / Grand Order game, by Ankoman

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If it were a competition, Mash would emerge the winner.

The (quotation:) “Chaldea Hookup Whores Club” meet in a virtual place to have plenty of sex with random men who just want to fuck holes. Basically, this is it :D
Plenty of the game’s girls are shown, in various outfits, bikini, swimsuit, or sexy underwear. There’s vaginal, anal and double penetrations aplenty, faces of ecstasy, huge creampies.

That was pretty sweet in my eyes, I just wish I could have erased the netorare aftertaste when the mangaka felt obligated to make the girls’ Master discover they were having orgies behind his back :/
Enjoy the read, it’s nice fap’n’go we’ve got here =)

Thanks to Desudesu and the unknown person who commissioned him! :jap:

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SAOn&Off SUMMER! [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Sword Art Online series, by Kawase Seiki (circle Primal Gym)

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[ ZBOING! intensifies ]

Look, honestly the drawings are only average, this is in no way a memorable doujinshi with godlike art. Nope. But if, like me, you’ve got a massive swimsuit fetish (I totally inherited it from middle school, puberty hit hard the year we had swimming pool lessons, a lifetime’s of memories), then, like me, you won’t care and you’ll enjoy the read a whole lot :twisted:

In this Sword Art Online doujinshi, Kirito wakes up to find his sister Suguha and her in-game avatar, Leafa, wearing plain swimsuits and very, very horny :3
There’s no scenario at all, this is all, the rest is plenty of nice vaginal action with two cute girls wearing swimsuits ^_^

I allowed myself to crop the pictures, they had white borders around them, kind of a leftover from the scanning process, or something like that, in all cases, something useless wasting precious monitor pixels.
Thanks to Tigoris Translates, and the unknown person(s) who commissioned him, for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share SAOff Autumn and Zutto! SA Off Summer.

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