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Lotion Motion [English], by Kakuzatou

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This had no choice but to be adorable, a manga based on tsundere vanilla hentai with comedy ingredients =)
It’s about a tall and dark-skinned (no tanlines, so maybe it’s her genuine skin color?) track and field girl who acts all tsun with her male manager, to the many giggles of the club members, until, at last, they stop pretending and become lovers.

I have zero complaints, ENJOY! ^_^
And thanks a lot to Fated Circle and his unknown commissioner! :jap:

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Ari Jigoku No Hime (“Princess Of The Antlions”) [English], by Yuran

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This combination of soft greyscale and colour was also pretty nice

That’s one of those cases in which I am torn, there is so much I would like to tell, but if I did, that would ruin your reading and kill what you could be getting from the manga…
I shall compromise: the manga is about a country girl falling under the influence of a male cabaret host. She doesn’t realize she’s being used and robbed off her savings, she even becomes a sex industry worker to provide for him, and after some time, as harsh reality comes down on her, she undergoes a change, leading to a surprising ending…

Look, I apologize for being so vague, I really do, but please, if you haven’t read it yet, give the manga a chance? It’s interesting, it’s not all manichean… and, more than just a bonus, it’s fucking well drawn, with an original combination of colour and grayscale :twisted:

We owe this release to Grey, Ro, Jakuran, Danky, Dakka and Kale, from Red Lantern TL, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, called Yuran or Moonphase, to this day, I also share Moon Phase Material, Jougasaki Mika No Yasashii Yume and Jougasaki Shimai No Itazura Na Yume.

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Hougan Kanojo (“Shot Put Girlfriend”) parts 1-3 [English, the story is complete], by Arai Kei (AKA Kansai Orange)

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At least you can't say the girl isn't hot :3

Well. This is confused boner material.
We go from happy sex, to cheating happy sex, to netorare, to open perversion, to forgiveness and acceptance of one’s perversity, to sex with love, to threesome, with a happy ending conclusion :shock:

Don’t misunderstand me, this isn’t bad, but the fast pace and edgy themes might give you a strong desire to facepalm or give up. I won’t blame you, but this might be a loss: even with the poor English and the (whiteout) censored art, the girl is a solid hottie: tall, well-built, tanned, with tanlines, while the drawings are full of pleasant “hand-drawn” idiosyncrasies. It’s good on the eye, and, after all, the ending is happy, too…

(Oh, a brief summary: a tall athletic girl is secretly the lover of a male teacher, but he is a genuine pervert and orders her to become the girlfriend of her male childhood friend. Yeah, that’s a shitstorm in the brewing.)

I’ll leave it in your hands, I guess ^^ It’s been released by Satoru, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, known as Arai Kei and as Kansai Orange, to this day, I also share Clover 1-4, Yugame (Distorted Love), The Preying Mantis’ Nest, HaPPY LIfe, Natsu No Hate, Otonari-san Wa Koi Wazurai, Doutei Otoko To Toramimi Onna, and a MASSIVE pack with ALL my other English-translated works by Kansai Orange (20 volumes, no less, and I retouched/improved them whenever I could!)

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Yukiyanagi No Hon 40 [English], by Yuki Yanagi, under the “Shallot Coco” circle name

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At least we've got a Texan *cough*

This is one of those Japanese fetishes that I just don’t understand. I know there’s much worse (please do NOT run a google images search for “Japanese eel porn“. Too late now, I know) of course, it’s not about judging, it’s about understanding, why is the idea so successful and renewed again and again O_o

Anyway. In this share, a Japanese farmer proudly checks his cows are doing well and caters to their needs. They are women-cows, fully human save horns. And naturally they need a taste of his dick. Here, an holstein and a texas cow (tanned, hotpants, cowboy hat ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ).

You know what I’d like? Once, a story in which in the end, a squad of nurses come take away the farmer, because he’s been delirious all the time, and, all along, he was actually with real cows. That would be evil for the readers :D
Release credits are for CellTF as the commissioner, and Dark Mac, Palaxius, Axalon and MrWayne, thank you! :)

(I share much more stuff by this artist, cf. The list of Yuki Yanagi’s works)

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