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Boku Ni Dekiru Koto (“What I Can Do”) [English], by Fumihiko

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 9 comments

You can go to a world tour, PUT IT IN!

For reasons, a highschool’s swimming club isn’t allowed to take part in inter-school competitions, and the female club’s captain takes it as her duty to convince the school’s principal.

I was already picturing the usual situation, made of blackmail orchestrated by a scumbag man with an arm-long dick. Well, colour me surprised, not at all. When the club captain offers her body to sway the principal, he flat out refuses!! She has to disregard his repeated rejections, use her physical superiority and threaten to shout to make him finally accept they’re going to have sex :shock:

After this: all good, great sex with a meaty tanned+tanlines busty girl :twisted:
Fair warning, there is whiteout censorship, it destroyed half of the fun I would have had from reading it. But, hey, it remains pretty good, I daresay.

Check it out, hopefully it’ll please your eyes :)
Thanks a lot to Nisor!

By the same artist, I also share Kuro Gal-chan To Megane-kun and the infuriating Hiyake Musume to Massaajii Oji-san.

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Choco X Love [English, 209 pictures], by Highlow

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 9 comments

From my favourite chapter, with bikini and tanlines ^_^

Hooooooooly shit, that was AWESOME dope!! :shock: :kickass: :woot:

Choco X Love is a manga made of unrelated chapters, purely displaying happy sex, sometimes with love, in which each chapter features a thin story canvas followed by plenty of sex…
… and the main selling point is: the girls are amazing hotties with dark skin :twisted:

Those girls are quality fap materials: smiling, easy, loving life and dick, always proactive, natural and spontaneous, with occasional tanlines to make it even better!!

Seriously, guys, go for it, this 209 pages tank is hentai gold ^_^
Thanks a LOT, a whole lot, BigBro000 and ZeroEmpathy, from Confidential TL! :)

By the same artist, I also share Kokoro Wa Kare Ni, Karada Wa Sensei Ii.

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Zakuro Shoukougun (“Pomegranate Syndrome”) chapters 1-3 [English, 80 pictures], by Kurokawa Otogi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 10 comments

Tanlines = magic

Ah, I love hentai like that. Weird, unexpected, original, fun to read and, needless to say, ripe with great-looking sex :)

The story takes place in a hentai universe I hadn’t fancied yet, there are female geniuses, but reaching their heights comes at a cost, they’ll sometimes enter a frenzy and their genius will be turned towards mating, mating at all costs, even though it becomes harmful to most males. Only a few men possess immunity and can safely bang those genius girls silly, until they come back to normal at last ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Which leads us to the main question: WHY THE FUCK “POMEGRANATES”.
Show me a highschool girl in heat, I will think of anything except pomegranates, for Pete’s sake?!? :shock:

I imagine it’s a randomly chosen title, but… you never know, right?
Look, a silly counter-example. After I watched the Dodgeball movie, I spent more than 30 minutes desperately googling for anything that might have been the famous Helsinki Incident, I really bought it, and thought it reflected an actual, real world event :lol:

Anyway. It’s fun, it’s drawn with kurokawa Otogi’s talent, my only gripe is that weird title and the choice of full whiteout censorship, deal with it ^^

Thanks to Desudesu and his unknown commissioner for this release! :jap:

By the same artist, known as Kurokawa Otogi and Otogi No Kuni No Soapland, I also share Paizuri (224 pictures), Fumajimeni Uraraka (“Insincere Serenity”, 213 pictures), Kimiyoubi No Atoaji Wa, Oasis Ni Miserarete, Hitonatsu No Liter Girl and Chishiki no Kakushiaji (“Intelligence’s Secret Ingredient”). Plus, the mangaka has a few pages in ZuriColle!! ~ Rengou Kantai, Totsunyuu Su.

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Mon-Oka [English, 234 pictures], by Saiyazumi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

That amount of censorship, god damn

Oh boy. That is not your everyday hentai tank.

Here is Mon-Oka, in which highschool girls, MILFs, shotaboys (paired with the MILFs of course) and highschool boys have lots of hardcore vaginal sex, plus a bit of anal, and a lot of fisting.
Sob, yes, fisting. That alone is enough for me to call it WTF hentai, but even the mood was borderline WTF, never a single worry, all things sexual come as obvious (the more depraved, the better of course), and graphically, the genitalia looked gross, protruding pussy lips, nut-sized clitoris, maximum dilatations, strong freedoms taken with the laws of perspective…

So, yeah, there’s just one or two super-thin lines of censorship per panel, but I definitely must warn you, check with the gallery first, it’s possible this kind of crude sex with a fair dose of fisting isn’t for you!

I don’t know if I can name every scanlator who worked on this volume, as I possess only partial information.
So, I shall say “thank you to whoever is concerned”, generally speaking, and still mention the scanlators I know worked on some of the manga’s chapters ^^ Thus: thanks to Desudesu and Anonymous, Dr.K/TheHiddenStuff, Marien, Tenchi20, Josellillo and Hentaieyebr! :jap:

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Training day [English], by 23

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

You better enjoy that one, it's the only picture in which the male MC is good-looking, huhu, you'll understand ;)

Here’s a simple but pleasant one, about a female fitness instructor ending her training sessions with a good fuck – basically, this is it ^^
The girl’s got a cheerful carefree style (gyaru-like, you’d see the idea? Not vulgar, but quite familiar, easygoing), nice abs, adorable caramel skin, and a face reminding me of Musashi in Fate / Grand Order, which was nice :3

I’ll let you see for yourselves, enjoy!
Release credits are for CellTF, Axalon, MrWayne, CynicW, Bamboo and 666555666, thank you very much :)

A promising note, eventually (no idea when) a translated and decensored version will be available, making the present share ridiculously obsolete in comparison. You may preorder it HERE :)

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Henpousei Lucky Sukebe (“Luck With Lewd Reciprocity”) [English], by Marui Maru

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

It's like ploughing freshly turned Earth

What a trip. A mistake in your booking leads you to share a room with 3 super hot highschool girls, a falsely candid one, a full “ara ara” one, and a dark-skinned gyaru-like one with tanlines.
And what an ending, lol, that was THE bit I didn’t see coming ^_____^

Look, basically, even though there’s annoying thick bar censorship (guys, if you’re unhappy with the censorship, you can always buy Marui Maru’s mangas, in English they’re Uncensored), I think it was a pretty sweet release: good art (bubble butts, huge breasts, tanlines, group sex!), carefree action, so many smiles, and a carefree ending that felt fresh, somehow ^^

We owe this one to Raknnkar and Super Shanko, from Raknnkar Scans, thank you! :jap:

For more butts, Cf. The list of ALL Marui Maru’s works on Hentairules!

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Seika Jogakuin Koutoubu Kounin Sao Oji-san, volume 3 [English], by Kurosu Gatari

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

Well, you know what, that was cute. Good sex, and good birthday feelings.

Woops, that one had flown under my radar at the time of its release.
In the two previous episodes of Seika Jogakuin Koutoubu Kounin Sao Oji-san (vol. 1, vol. 2), we follow a middle-aged man who sells his sexual services to a prestigious all-female highschool academy: he provides discreet good sex and his fortunately endless stamina, the academy provides the female customers and money to cover his debts.
It’s one of the aspects I like here, it may be prostitution, but there are no bad vibes, everybody leaves the situation happy and satisfied, which is nice =)

Now, in this third volume, it’s the male MC’s birthday, and his two best female customers (a slender, tanned, slightly muscular cheerful girl, a meaty, bespectacled and falsely meek-looking other girl) decide to offer him a good birthday date, sex on the way, sex at the hotel, and this time he’s the star of the day.
I feel the art isn’t as good as in the previous volumes, but it’s still fairly good overall, so, en, enjoy! ^^

Thanks to CrowKarasu and Anonymous for the release! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Seika Jogakuin Koutoubu Kounin Sao Oji-san volume 1volume 2 – volume 3 (the present share) – volume 4, Furyou Mama No Yudan, Mama Ga Kawari Ni, Grotta’s Prostitute Princess, Alola No Yoru No Sugata 2 and Alola No Yoru No Sugata 3.

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