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B-Trigger [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Street Fighter series, by Kawaraya Honpo

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I didn't have the courage to pick a picture with a futa dick

How about some futanari hentai, for a change? ^^
Here is a 100% brains-free Street Figthter doujinshi, in which Chun-Li and Cammy have futa sex together, then it’s Karin and Sakura, and in the end everyone regroups to futa-worship Sakura’s bloomers in a four-person orgy ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

We lack the vanilla I’ve come to enjoy in other works by Kawaraya Honpo, but graphically it’s okay (and a tanned Cammy, with her super long braids, I take it every day of the week), I strongly believe that if you’re a futanari fan, this doujinshi should be just what you need ;)
(Bonus, a small anatomical screwup amused me: Brackium Emendo! :lol: )
Enjoy! And thanks to ReysonTheNoble, ReadTheLN, LWB and Dragon!

My other shares by the same artist are also full-futanari, except for the first: Love Tutorial (223 pictures), Lovey Dovey, Sin-Lovey Dovey, Pokapoka Onedari Onsen, Oomisuka, A pack of 3 futa works (Princess And The Slave, Wokaerinasai, Woyasuminasai), Natsu No Omoide (“Summer Memories”), Kashidashichuu + Wokurimono, Flowers Breaking Through My Soul, Ish x Mash x Eresh and Tiero Il Piacere.

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Gal Tomo Harem [English, 217 pictures], by Shiki Takuto

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That picture is orgasm printed on paper. HATS FUCKING OFF, SHIKI TAKUTO SENSEN!!

Hooooooooly cow, that manga was pure GOLD! In terms of art, in terms of story, and perhaps, although that is quite vague spelled out like that, in term of those lingering impressions that we”re left with for a good time even after the reading is long over.

The deal: a fat otaku is demoted to the lower class section of his highschool, in which only the dumbest dwell. Turns out, the only students in there are gyarus.
And those gyarus… man, they’re something. On top of all, they’re honest to a fault, they’ll be open about what’s on their hearts. They’ll call the male MC a creepy fatso, because that’s what he looks like, but they’ll also accept him without any hypocrisisy, and gently cheer him up until his inner negativity evaporates away and only leaves the good man with a good soul, because that’s what he is.

Plus, they’re highly sexual in nature and welcome with open arms a non-evil male blessed with endless stamina.
The drawings are splendid (the entire bikini and nanobikini session was legendary to me), hardly even censored, detailed, very intense (95% vaginal, a bit of anal, some paizuris), it’s a harem with a vanilla ending, basically.

Enough said: enjoy if you haven’t read it yet, the manga is gold ^_^
Release credits are for Orla, Anon, Seijirou1337, Baran and NekoHime, from Hennojin, thank you so much!!

By the same artist, I also share IF – The Puppy Story, IF – The School Story, Honey kiss (NTR and yandere, not my favourite niches) and Namaiki JK Onsen Ryokou 2-haku 3-kka.

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A World Where Everyone Has Become Stupid, So It’s Normal For Private Tutors To Teach Their Students About Sex [English, 82 pictures, Full colour], by DL Mate

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When endocrines disruptors have gone too far

Yet another story I should simply summarize with: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
We’re in a setup in which mankind was deliberately (well, it must have succeeded in putting an end to wars, let’s see the good side of things) infested with a virus that lowered every youth’s IQ while raising their sexual desires, and the male hero is a tutor for those girls who only think of feeling good.
I told you:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Why not, as a fap fantasy material, after all ^^ In terms of drawings, the girls all come from the same plastic mould: busty, braindead, smiling, a fair warning though there’s gross blurry censorship so you won’t see much.

I’ll let you to enjoy it, and simply express my thanks to IAmBobokay :)

By the same artist, I also share Saimin Note De Yaritai Houdai! Zettai Fukujuu Sex!.

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Sex O Sureba Erai You Na Fuuchou (“Having Sex Is A Great Trend”) [English], by Yamakumo

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She was the wannabe school bully, turned out to be just a weird tsundere ^^

We’re in a sort of mirror image of Japan, in which, in the countryside, the men are wimps. The women have extra-strong open lust and know no decency, however the men simply aren’t up to the job, they openly praise and applaude the virile lucky persons able to get it up and satisfy a woman.
And now, introducing the male character, a teenager from a big town newly settled in the country, with a male teenager’s normal libido: the school is his friendly harem ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
Girls are glad to have sex with him anywhere, even in class, the female teacher jokes about borrowing his dick, etecetera.

I got a strong sense of WTF from that one, but that was no issue, everyone was loving what happened, the drawings, although simple and standard, were done well enough and yielded the expected results, that was a good read :)
We owe the release to Doujin-Moe, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Closet (234 pictures).

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Alola No Yoru No Sugata (“The Feeling Of Alolan Nights”) volume 3 [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Pokémon series, by Kurosu Gatari

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Dibs on the plump busty one

After the mother and daughter in the volume 2, this time this is the mother and another of her MILF friends, with a bunch of neighborhood shotas on the beach.
And this is it, plenty of sex =)

You know the reservations I have towards shota, but at least I’ll whole-heartedly compliment the two ladies, one of them plump, tanned, busty, the other pale, slender with small tits, that was an interesting contrast when they shared the same slutty soul.
I’ll let you to check it out, enjoy!

It’s been released by LearnJPwithH and Sneed (formerly Chuck), thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Furyou Mama No Yudan and Alola No Yoru No Sugata 2.

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Strength And III [English, Full Color], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Black Rock Shooter series, by Mda Starou

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Dibs on the one with tanlines. Fap to the other girl.

Mda Starou’s got a fair number of his (her? No clue) works scanlated already, but so far they were all lolicon. Not this time, woot! :woot:

In this volume, 3 girls from the Black Rock Shooter universe have great sex, there’s no scenario, no context, this is MacHentai in its pureest, most fappable form =)
The mangaka’s art bears unique features: tanned skin, tanlines, outfit colours deliberately chosen to strongly contrast with the naked skin, visible canines… By all means, this is worth a sight ^_^

Release credits are for Kereghan and Tlfish, thank you! :jap:
Oh, btw, an honest note: if you’re a loli fan (look, I don’t care, enjoy whatever you enjoy), I’m not giving you links (my blog, my tastes, I don’t want to share loli or loli links) but I’m encouraging you to search here and there on the internet, there’s plenty more Mda Starou hentai to find.

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Nurunuru Deriheru (“Slippery Delivery Health Visit”) [English], by Meganei

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THAT, this is censorship as I can like it. It's physically present, two bars, and yet you'll need to make an effort to notice it, it doesn't get in the way.

2cooked4you and Shippoyasha, thank you very much for this, bring us the best Meganei hentai release I have read so far. I freaking LOVE Meganei as an artist (not gonna lie, it’s one of the mangakas I’d gladly spend my money on), and yet, I’d rank this release, Nurunuru Deriheru, a rank above Meganei’s other scanlated mangas :twisted:

The scenario’s relatively simple, a gyaru is familiar with her teacher in school, he always scolds her and plucks her heart’s strings when he insists she values herself more. Come the holidays. No need to pretend to be a clean human anymore, he pays for a whore health visit, and, a surprise to be sure but a welcome one, the gyaru shows up for the job ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

For the rest, I’m a sucker for tanned skin, big breasts, intense sex, arched backs, the censorship doesn’t hide much, I totally enjoyed the read, and trust it should please most of you guys too :D

By the same artist, to this day, I also share Kyou Atashinchi Shuugoune (84 pictures, Uncensored), Shishunki Sekkusu, Shishunki No Obenkyou 1, Shishunki No Obenkyou 2, Nitta-san No Iru Ie, Nitta-san No Iru GakkouOnee-chan Ni Makasenasai, Uzuki No Himitsu (“Uzuki’s Secret”) and Saiminjutsu Ni Kakerarete.

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