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Tenchi-kun Muyo [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Tenchi Muyo series, by Tsurikichi Doumei

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

I had to allow a size of 60 kb instead of usually 40-50 kb to allow that image not to look bad. WTF, Photoshop, what was special about that image?!?

Wow, this one takes me back O_o
I suddenly felt brought back to more than 15 years ago, an era in which, to find visually satisfying hentai, you had to browse the alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.anime newsgroup, and 99% of the stuff was in Japanese. You’d have found stuff the like of the present share ^^

As for the story, it’s unremarkable, for some reason Tenchi and the best girl of the whole Tenchi Muyo series, Mihoshi (because 1: boobs, and 2: dark tanned skin) end up trapped for a while in a private space, and the girl has a wet T-shirt. Sex follows.
I won’t pretend the drawings are formidable, and the censorship is strong, but, hey, I don’t care about petty objective criticism, this is hentai archeology, for Pete’s sake, we’ve got here, and it’s neat!! :twisted:

Thanks to Ultimaflaral, Red_Piotrus, Lesher and Darknemo2000! :)
By Tsurikichi Doumei, I also share Kanna Nise, Udemaman Gashuu 12 and Omisore To Love Ru Musume 2.

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Pack of Adult comics by the artist Melkor (Also Known As Romulo Mancin)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

An amazing artist. And now... Well, I'll need some privacy *cough* :D

First, thanks to Xavier, who sent me this pack and suggested I shared it!
Second, the link to the artist’s official site!
I found in the end, Romulo Mancin, AKA Melkor, has an active website, from which you can purchase a membership to get access to everything he’s drawing. Seems like the works Xavier sent me are only a fraction of Melkor’s production, so there’s more if you accept to reward the artist: comics, single images, various themes… Melkor, in his former website, was also taking commissions, I wonder if that’s still a possibility.

Third, the porn :D These are western-style comics with a manga inspiration here and there, it’s uncensored to boot, and drawn with splendid talent. Hardcore as fuck, oral, vaginal, anal, easy sex, and sometimes fantasy inspirations from anime (Tenchi Muyo! :D ) or video games (Final Fantasy IV! My beloved Rydia!! :shock: :woot: ), or with also well-found comedy tricks (like in The Pie Conundrum…)
I hope you’ll enjoy it, and give Melkor’s website a chance maybe :)

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