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Makai Syokubutsu Gijie-ru Sensei [English, 193 pictures], by Shiina Kazuki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

From one of the mostly normal chapters lol

Quick-browsing this manga gave me an impression that could be compared to the “Greetings peasants, how goes th- BY THE POPE!!” internet memes.
There are good moments, but also plenty more WTF situations :shock: :lol:

We’re not at John K Peta levels of WTF, but we occasionally came close.
And yet… And yet, I wasn’t horrified as with a John K Peta volume, precisely. I had many “ew” moments, but the manga’s mood made everything different, things were either deliberately comical, or at least impossible to take seriously, it allowed me to enjoy whatever was enjoyable and simply shrug and move on for everything else that wasn’t to my tastes.

And so, we’ve got here a manga with a medium-sized main arc and several single chapters, in which, at best, half of the partners are human. You’ll have monster girls, succubi, an onahole turned tsukumogami, a part turtle, a fully woman believing she’s a man, and I’m probably forgetting some ^^
The girls are in carefree trivial scenarii, sex is always consensual however super weird it is.

And graphically, Jebus spare my soul, that was extreme. Very little censorship. Maximum multi-baton dilatations, tentacles, entire fists (plural form, yes), and more stuff I’m even reluctant to name with hopes it helps me forget them faster.
And yet… the okay bits were pretty nice, still.

Well, see for yourselves, and thanks to Tigoris Translates for that one! ^^

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Raikou Shinki Igis Magia II – PANDRA Saga 3rd Ignition [English, 228 pictures], by Erect Sawaru

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

Dark skinned nekomimi = best girl

Please correct me if I’m mistaken, the Pandra series goes in that order, right? First, Pandra 1-2, making an initial arc, followed by Shinkyoku No Grimoire – Pandra Saga 2nd story, second arc, after which there’s the current still ongoing arc, made of Raikou Shinki Igis Magia – PANDRA Saga 3rd Ignition, the present volume, “Raikou Shinki Igis Magia II – PANDRA Saga 3rd Ignition”, and there’s one last third volume incoming to bring it to a close?
Did I get this right?
Edit: so, this present 3rd arc, it’s actually got 4 volumes, 2 of which have yet to be scanlated. Duly noted, thanks for the answers in comments and email :)

But anyway, here’s a second volume to this either latest or third arc of the Pandra series, in which, for some reason only a Japanese mangaka could come up with, the Olympus became a highschool campus, the gods are either students, administrators, or relatives of the campus staff, while the tartarus’ evil lies in wait, with, in addition, the other evils we saw in the previous volumes, a certain grimoire and Pandora’s box.
Which leads us to: tons of sex. Yeah, figures :lol:

You’ll have tentacle sex, “normal” sex, ahegao, sex with love, rape, and a bit of everything in between… But it looks damn great, at least ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Well, here’s to hoping you like it, thanks a lot to Biribiri and Crevab! ^^

By Erect Sawaru, I also share Oppai Infinity (250 pictures), Seme Chichi (187 pictures), Pandra 1-2 (417 pictures), Shinkyoku No Grimoire – Pandra Saga 2nd story (659 pictures), Raikou Shinki Igis Magia – PANDRA Saga 3rd Ignition (226 pictures), Osanazuma Bakunyuu Nurunuru Soap-jou, Zeen, Eikoku Shiki Goukon Gyakunan Jutsu, JxJ, Akebi After School XXX, The Legend Of Paya Gang Bang Of The Wild and Mugippai.

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Seikou Senki Jewel Luminous Otome Futari Otsuru Toki (“Sacred Battle Princess Jewel Luminous – The Time Of 2 Maidens Falling To Pleasure”) [English, 198 pictures], by Shirisensha

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

The typesetting was done with love

I don’t really get the appeal of such a niche, but, eh, there will be plenty of people to love it, so let’s show some love to the freaks loving this stuff, shall we ;)

So here we are, with a full-volume scenario, about two magical girls, the man they’re in unrequited love with, tentacles monsters, a tentacle master with a keikaku to corrupt the mind of the two girls until they’ve turned to the dark side, betrayal of trust, etcetera. The whole package.
The story just had me sigh, shrug, and fast forward to see how things changed every ten pages or so, but I have to admit the art wasn’t half bad, it’s got to count.

This is a Doujin-Moe scanlation, thanks for this! :jap:

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JK Anal (“Anal Fuck With Highschool Girl”) [English, 218 pictures], by Kuon

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

Time to plow. Hard.

Here is an entire tank, 218 pages no less, about teenage and young adult women loving anal sex.
There’s no way I’ll complain lol :lol:

The scenarii (each chapter is a new story) are simple and yet sometimes manage to be nicely creative (the isekai-ish one: genius! ^^), while the art is damn GOOD!
The art is powerful, intense, at times creative with perspective, with only minimal amounts of censorship, and a bit of vaginal sex too.
Again, I still have no complaints: ENJOY!! :twisted:

We owe this excellent release to CastleTL, Omigoto and Spicykestrel, thank you very much! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Hatsuiki and Radorado.

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Pack of 2 tanks by the artist Kawana [English, 404 pictures]

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

from the second volume, in which women like it most of the time

Do you want to kill 90% of the mangas of this niche? Have the girls wear welding pants (thick, resistant, hard to take off) with metal belts, instead of miniskirts with slim panties. There, no way to surprise-rape them anymore. We could even make it an anti-isekai series: “I Was Hanged From A Tree For Raping A JK But I Came Back To Life In A World Where Women Wear Welding Pants And I Can’t Do Anything To Them Anymore:lol:

Ahem, sorry, I digress. I gathered here two tanks by the mangaka Kawana:
Injya Kikou ~ Ijou Ai Ni Midare Kuruu Otome (themes: a weird ancient cult with a twisted keikaku, evil spirit possession, highschool girl rape and mindbreak, a weird happy ending.)
Shokushu Chikan Densha (invisible autonomous chikan tentacles, a cursed bloodline, a weird happy ending. In this one, although there’s rape, in majority, women like the sex.)

I’m not a fan, far from it, but I figured those 2 volumes don’t entirely suck within their specific niche. The art’s average, the story’s weird but there *is* a story… Who knows, if you’re into that niche stuff, maybe you’ll find it to your tastes ^^ (Otherwise: don’t hurt yourselves trying to read it lol, move on.)

Release credits are for Kaigen, Potato, Vilis, Tester and Eclipsoul, thank you!

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Ero Ninja Scrolls Volume 2 [English, 151 pictures], + a repack of the volumes 1 and 2 together (312 pictures), by Haruki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 9 comments


Resuming where we left in the volume 1: a female kunoichi gets dicked a lot, discovers she loves it, and the plot doesn’t actually progress lol. Basically, we’re with an alternative version of Edo Japan, now called Ero, under threat from foreign kunoichi using forbidden sex techniques…

Let’s say: you get actual sex at long last (instead of just teasing, masturbation, imagined and weird-ass stuff), which is great, it just came at the cost of scenario progression. Let’s hope there will be a volume 3 not too far in the future ^^

Graphically, ah, I’m torn. I want to complain about the full whiteout censorship: to give you an idea I only added the “anal” tag because the dialogues explained there was butt stuff, otherwise I couldn’t actually confirm it with my eyes… But, still, even then, the drawings are god-tier, Haruki delivers astounding quality :shock:
Plus, I couldn’t help but giggle and sympathise with the villains, to some extent ;)

(For MORE stuff by this artist, Cf. The list of Haruki’s works on Hentairules)

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Kijoku Inmu Alfina [English, 191 pictures], by Taira Hajime

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

There were some good panels, yeah

The basis of any manga from that niche: a woman of quality (she can be a noble, a great leader, or both) sees the world crumble under her feet as she loses power and becomes subjected to the will of scummy, powerful and scheming men. She has no choice but to accept to be subjected to lewder and lewder acts, until, sometimes after a final betrayal, she accepts her fate and embraces her cumdump future. The end.

Well, this is it :D
This time, it’s quite soft compared to other niche iterations. Hypnotism and aphrodisiacs are used to induce a state where dreams and reality are confused, and with the power of suggestion a princess accepts that whatever is done to her reflects her shameful inner lewd nature.

Graphically, this is also much better than my previous Taira Hajime shares. Fairly little censorship, straightforward sex with no obsession for corruption (a tiny bit, but not that much). It was okay ^^

Release credits are for Biribiri, Pureneergy and SL-Gundam, thanks guys! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Inraku No Seijo Elvine (227 pictures); Bad Moon (191 pictures) and Ingoku No Kouki Dietlinde (195 pictures).

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