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Mahouteki Na Kanojo [English, 224 pictures, it is complete], by Takaoka Motofumi

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 8 comments

The moment I saw that page, I KNEW I had my big preview pic. How could a dark-skinned babe taking the initiative be topped? :D

With that share, I think I have caught up on the flow of hentai releases, good, good ^^ I’m still less available than before, having a certain number of real life things on my plate, but I’ll be damned if I skip on complete tanks or complete stories of over 200 pages :twisted:

Here’s a new complete story by Takaoka Motofumi, about the life of college students in a magic research club, trying to tackle the subject from a scientific perspective when they’re not having sex.

The manga is dealing with various “genres” in an oddly assorted mixed bag. We’ve got happy sex (the large majority), a bit of near-tsundere (almost there, let’s say), of happy sex with almost love (ah, come on, just a bit more!!), of shockingly unpunished (oh well, it’s over, water under the bridge, etc – me: wtf?!?) rape by two scumbags, of mystic ingredients, of tentacles (just one chapter), with occasional hints at scenario developments that end up buried a chapter later.
It’s not absolute kickass material (clearly not lol), but it’s pretty good, still.

Graphically, at least, we’re on solid ground, we can trust Takaoka Motofumi, well-drawn varied sex with very little censorship was provided, featuring almost exclusively vaginal sex, with some oral and a tiny bit of DP. Honest warning, one of the girls is a loli, she’s in two chapters, sorry about that.

We owe this release to Biribiri, Axalon, Anonymous and PureEnergy, thank you! :jap:

There’s much more, Cf. Takaoka Motufumi’s Works on hentairules

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Hikoushiki Heroine Zukan (“Informal Heroine Gangbang”) [English, 213 pictures], by Keso

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 7 comments

WHY? Why does that guy have that beak-like mask on his face?!? :D

Oh boy. Because of the first chapter based on rape, I thought the whole manga would be shit. I WAS SO WRONG! WE HAVE STRUCK GOLD!

Weird gold. Hugely WTF gold. But also comedy gold!!!
With god-tier hardcore art and very moderate amounts of censorship, with tons of vaginal, anal and double penetrations!! :twisted:

So, once again: after the rape first chapter, you have several chapters and, first, one mini-arc, based on weird, original, crazy setups. The mini-arc is an original story about weird sexual monks (I shit you not, quoting: “The monk sex olympics“), after which we’ll have WTF comedy stories inspired from popular series of old, such as Lupin The Third (Fujiko, attempting to steal the 7th Gon Ball), Galaxy Express 1999 (quoting: “Jerkoff Express 1999“) or Maison Ikkoku (“Peep Show Fuckaku“). I definitely missed multiple other references, just now I realized some masks look like they’re inspired from the old Gundam series ^_________^

Some items are not references, pure new creations, and they’re also comedy gold. Ero-buddha… oh my god.

So, come on guys, please treat yourselves, you don’t read crazy-ass, hilarious and good-looking super hardcore like that every month, certainly not even every year :lol:
Thanks a LOT to Doujin-Moe! I’m glad I could read that one ^__^

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Shinkyoku No Grimoire – Pandra Saga 2nd story [English, 659 pictures], by Erect Sawaru

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

At least, we've got a dark skinned lady

Wow. How about a slap in the face, made of a 659 pages long release? :twisted:
Here is the sequel to Pandra volumes 1-2, Pandra Saga 2nd Story :)

A minimalistic summary (the scenario would deserve better than that, but come on, the 659 pages sequel of a 417 pages first story? Have mercy on me) would be there are cursed grimoires inhabited by demons taking control of women and throwing the world into gangbang turmoils of sorts, the story is about their difficult recollection as their evil powers use every weakness in men and women’s spirits to corrupt them. It’s drawn with splendid, plentiful, generous art, very hardcore (tons of DPs) and with little censorship (a few white rectangles at worst.)

Honestly, even if you don’t care for the scenario, stay for the art, there aren’t *that* many tentacles, the majority of the sex is between humans.
Also: don’t miss that panel ;)

Release credits are for Masqurin, Mongolfier, fulgore82, Saha and Gullinbursti, thank you! :jap:

By Erect Sawaru, I also share Oppai Infinity (250 pictures), Seme Chichi (187 pictures), Pandra 1-2 (417 pictures), Osanazuma Bakunyuu Nurunuru Soap-jou, Zeen, Eikoku Shiki Goukon Gyakunan Jutsu, Akebi After School XXX, The Legend Of Paya Gang Bang Of The Wild and Mugippai.

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One-Hurricane volume 6 [English], + a repack of the volumes 1-2-3-4-5-6, a Onepunch-Man hentai doujinshi series, by Kiyosumi Hurricane

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 7 comments

Oh, Fubuki, you are an adorable little schemer

We meet Fubuki at various moments in the Onepunch-man manga. For instance, here, there. Her elder sister, Tatsumaki, as for her, shines pretty nicely whenever she appears, the petite catastrophe with an ego the size of a skyscraper, huhu.

And now, let’s make it hentai :D
The One-Hurricane series in on a quality rollercoaster. The volume 1 displayed lightly comedic happy sex between Saitama (did I mention? The male hero, if you don’t know the series) and Tsubuki. Next, bam in our faces, follow two volumes of rape and mindbreak attempts, with a female villain hypnotizing Fubuki’s henchmen to break her. Next, great relief time, an hilarious comedy-driven volume 4 (respecting the humour style of the original series!!), with quality threesome sex and nice enough drawings. (We’re also proven comedy and hentai can take place simultaneously. Imagine Fukuki’s great breasts providing a paizuri, with her older sister using her telekinetic super ability to improve the operation… :3 )  The volume 5 is a mixed bag of sorts: Fubuki asks the genius teenager Emperor Child to brew her a love potion, he cooks an aphrodisiac (close enough, right?). Because hentai, they take their turns inhaling it by accident. First Fubuki forces him to do her ass, second he tentacle rapes her. Oooookay O_o…

And finally, today, here’s the freshly released volume 6, with the closer we got to vanilla, between Fubuki and Saitama. Enjoy! ^_^

Thanks a LOT to MintVoid for the chapters 1-4, Striborg and Nefarious from H-Konbini for the chapter 5, and Xxxddd for the volume 6 :)

By the same artist, I also share Gekihari Yon 4 and a pack of 2 works (made of Gekishin 3, a Shingeki No Kyojin hentai doujinshi, and the now obsolete single share of One-Hurricane volume 1.)

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1006 Nano – Cyclone No Soushuuhen [English, 173 pictures], by Cyclone

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

Fappable as long as you can disregard the scenario

Just like 1004N+ Cyclone No Shoushuuhen, this Soushuuhen volume is a compilation of several works of shorter size, all parodies of the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series.
Namely, this time, those volumes are:
– Fei Tas,
– Kukkoro,
– Marunomi,
– Nanoism,
– Fuokkin, and
– Bonbon

Coming from the artist Cyclone, I shall assume you don’t need anymore detailed warnings regarding what happens to the girls. Tentacles, blackmail, rape, with the obligatory eventual mindbreak, etcetera. Still, graphically, this is excellent, no way around it, that was highly praiseworthy, and the white bar censorship is mostly hardly noticeable as a welcome bonus.
The images have an overexposed effect, though, I must warn you, plenty of details fade into whiteness.

–Update: there’s the morning after pill, and now, there’s the morning after retouching. I had nagging thoughts and decided I’dd add an alternative version with the images retouched. See the bottom of my post for the details and links ;)

Still, I wonder. Have Cyclone’s stories grown mild over the years, or is my growing immunity to things helping make it more bearable?

Release credits are for Kuromori, Anon, Daein, Duy, Pang, Potato, Vilis and Baran, from Hennojin, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share 1004N+ Cyclone No Shoushuuhen (a compilation of several works under one volume, namely: Hayaten, Hayaten After Days, Hayaten 2nd After Days, Waoooon, Situation Note c80, Koooi Kishi, 1004N+), T-29 SenJoTeki, T-32 Hooollow + Hooollow 1.05, a pack of 5 works (SuiSui 2, Shin Shin, KuRuuuu, Shin Shin 2 Bad and Koooi Kishi) and 767 B.

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Ganbaru! Shufu No Hibi [English], by Ahemaru

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

Step 1: oil her up. Step 2: IGNITE!

Normal reaction for a normal husband after he finds his wife has been the entire neighborhood’s fuckhole for months while he was away for work: “divorce time, it is!”
The husband’s reaction in that share: horny resignation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In a work like that, it’s best not to take anything seriously. So, this share’s female heroine is a cheerful housewife with a very hot and very meaty body, she’ll accept with a smile the dicks generously offered by pretty much every male in the vicinity, and enjoy it without any parasite thoughts such as “might my husband disapprove”. No, she loves her husband, she loves dicks, she doesn’t love saying no, and everything’s allright in her simple world.

At first I just wanted to shrug, but I must warn you, several of the pages are fucking gross. I’m talking massive dilatations from unusual items. It’s technically good looking, but I was mostly freaked out, personally O_o

Constantly and an Anonymous are behind this release, thank you! :jap:
By the same artist, I also share Meikko Ga Kuru.

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Aisei Tenshi Love Mary ~ Akusei Jutai (“The Archangel of Love, Love Mary ~ Malignant Corruption”) [English, Uncensored, 209 pictures], by Satou Kuuki

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

You don't want to know what's happening below that precise image :D

There are plenty of good things about this manga. The girls are naked, there is no censorship, and… and… an, fuck it, that was garbage. But decensored garbage, sooooo~~~ ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
In terms of story, that was lazy writing, boring as fuck, magical girls corrupted by darkness, betraying & corrupted one another like in a game of dominos, and graphically, that was also boring as hell, tentacles, mindbreak, hardly a variation at all. In my eyes, etc.

But as I have to mention so often because on the internet everything is a triggering offence and the obvious has stopped being so: if YOU like it, hey, I’m glad you’ll have a good time with it :)

Thanks to Dark Knight for the release! :jap:

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