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Sex Education 1-2-3 [English], by Kidouchi Kon

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 15 comments


What. The. Fuck.
This share is the closest I’ve seen to an advertisement for eugenism and the neutering of the unintelligent, in order to improve mankind’s gene pool.
AKA: “you see? This is what happens if we let them breed!”

Look, I’m not gonna lie, I’m sharing something bad, here.
Graphically, it’s average at best (despite very low censorship, made of an R18 logo not hiding the genitals behind it), the image resolution is low (1200 px, seriously, is year 2K still in the future?!?). And story-wise, this is abysmally retarded (a dumb girl has zero clue about how human reproduction works and takes advice from a random scummy stranger while her almost-boyfriend roams the streets in despair of having his girl probably snatched). That’s the kind of facepalm material that makes you fear your neurons are going to commit suicide from reading it.
I’m mostly sharing it as an opportunity to laugh at the expense of whoever thought it was worth drawing and publishing. In itself, it’s bathos humour’s finest at this point, it’s a weird but actual opportunity for a laugh ^^;;

With all due warnings given, hey, enjoy, if that’s to your taste why the fuck not, to each his own, etcetera :)

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