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Nao-san (30) [English], an excellent vanilla hentai doujinshi parodying the [email protected] Cinderella Girls series, by Tachibana Roku (AKA Tachiroku)

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How to say... A teen is great, I'd want to fuck her. But a MILF? I'd want to dick her for hours, impregnate her, taste her sweat, knead every of her muscles, and more. MILFs FTW

Oh boy. Diabetes warning, the amount of vanilla is crazy.

Here is a very cute hentai doujinshi in which, Nao Kamiya, one of the [email protected] Cinderella Girls idols, is now aged 30, and living a happy life with her husband (guess who, we met him some years ago in Sunao No Nao) and their adorable little daughter. There’s just one issue, it’s super hard to find opportunities to have sex when your child is a light sleeper (an issue I’ve known fairly well).

With friends helping, former idols too, the wife and husband will finally have a chance, etcetera, of course – hey, it’s hentai. The hentai is drawn very well, with bearable censorship (multiple not too thick bars), personally seeing a hot MILF like that, knowing her teenage version for comparison, being so honest with loving sex, that was fantastic. Let’s add extra-thick eyebrows for the win.

And in terms of vanilla, there’s mutual love, mutual care, blushing, friendship, a cute child (don’t fucking misunderstand lol)… Haaa, that warmed my heart and soul :)

Long story short, a wonderful release! I am so grateful to LukasDMania, B4z73rd, MisterJ and Rikimtasu, from 1/2 Translations, great job!!

By the same artist, known as Tachibana Roku, Tachiroku, and circle Rokusyoku Mikan, I also share Sunao Na Nao (featuring a young Nao, her first confession to her producer, might it be the prequel to Nao-san (30)?), Shounen Teitoku Ga Otona Ni Naru Made and Nitta-san Taijuu O Fuyasite Kudasai.

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Hikki Mother Fucker [English], by Otochichi

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Damn, those lips were so erotic

The male MC starts at his life’s lowest point: he lost the will to be a good son under an entire life of pression from his abusive father and abandoned school, becoming a shut-in, and now that he lives alone with his divorced mother, he’s also blaming her for not magically standing up to her (now formerly) abusive husband, which gives him enough cause to fuck her whenever he wishes.

And yet, this story is genuinely good. There’s redemption at the end of the road, a good ending, and it was fairly easy to cheer on the characters, the mother and her son, all in all. I won’t spoil you every detail, find out for yourselves :)

Graphically, here’s to hoping you love thick MILFs, right? I was struck by the female MC’s super erotic lips and beautiful slightly sunken eyes (she was so beautiful at the bottom of page 22! :shock: ), personally…

Release credits are for Salar, Tkhang and Cocblockula, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Gamandekinai Mesuana (209 pictures), Cooking Pakopako (chapters 1-4, complete) and Hatsu Goukon Wa Mama Naranai (“My First Mixer Was a Real Motherfucker!”).

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Swap! [English], by Mikami Cannon

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Just look at those adorable small breasts ^_^

Guys, you better enjoy that one, here comes an absolute rarity: a story based on swapping, that doesn’t go off the rails. In which there’s good consensual sex, between “normal” persons (I mean it! Not freaks, or persons who make the mistake to resort to sex while it’s a shrink they would need in their lives!) and in the end mutual feelings are confirmed, no harm is done :shock: :woot: :kickass:

There’s a drawback (shit, it’s like karma exists, we can’t have just the good things), the image resolution is too low, 1200 px, but, hey, I’m taking it, good swapping is great even like that =)
Just see for yourselves, I wish you a good reading time ^_^

Thanks to Friggo for that one :jap:

By the same artist, I also share the AMAZING Orgasmic Body (192 pictures), Zecchou Yokkyu (207 pictures), Otona No Jikan, I Love You, and A pack of 5 works (Aroma Blend + Cherry Blossoms & Sake & Love + Reminiscence + Room 203’s Love Story + Tama From Third Street.)

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Chounyuu Gakuen (“Academy For Huge Breasts”) [English, 180 pictures, Complete!], by Piero

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Bakunyu hentai FTW! ^_^

Haha, that story was a great combination of good stuff ^^
We’ve got comedy, harem, huge tits and dream butts, and volleyball outfits :twisted:

Certainly, there are more than few a similarities with Distance’s Joshi Luck series, it’s about a male coach having sex with each of the girls he’s looking after, and the girls growing attached to him. But each mangaka has his or her idiosyncrasies, here, the focus is on the various shapes of the girls’ (always massive) breasts, on their shapely mighty asses (only rare mangakas can properly draw a girl giving an assjob, and, once, it’s used in combination with another pair of boobs for a double asstitjob, OMG)…

And then, the story type was the good kind of weird. It starts with that odd canvas, a school recruits girls with massive breasts for their volleyball team, with the argument they will use the inertia of their breasts’ delayed vertical upwards movement to perform a mid-air double jump. And then, well… PiEro’s originality and talent showed, although the plot stopped evolving much, the double jump was kinda forgotten ^^

I’m confident you’ll enjoy the read, but honest warning, in more than half of the chapters, the censorship is total murder, sadly.
Enjoy, my dear pervs :) And thanks a lot to Zukuyo, Varrel, Fynolt2, NazWell, Bananapow and Dynellen!! :jap:

the same artist, whose name is written Piero, PIero or Pi-Ero, and who also uses the K.F.D. pen name, I also share Chounyuu Daifungoku (214 pictures, Uncensored!), Paicchu (mostly positive vibes, 213 pictures), Chichiyoku (dark tonality , 170 pictures), I Love Nyu (mostly positive vibes, 186 pictures), Atatamete Kudasai, Icchimainaaaa, a pack of 2 works (Chichiana + Musubi-tan Dai Pinch) and Hanekawa-san No Chichi Doujinshi.

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Sugimoto-san To Rakko Nabe Shiyou [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Golden Kamuy series, by Nishida

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Immortal but not gender-bending proof.

Jebus hentai christ. Hentai fucking RULES!!.
Showing us, again, and again, and ever again, things we would have never imagined ourselves.
(My apologies for the following wall of text)

Here’s a release I saw a pair of days ago, in which the Golden Kamuy characters are reincarnated in our early XXIst century. Sugimoto, Shiroishi, Kiroranke and Ogata (Tanigaki and Inkarmat too, although they don’t take part in the present share).
They wear modern clothes, but have retained their memories, have the same faces, personalities, everything’s the same. Save one not so tiny difference: the manly, badass, admirable Immortal Sugimoto… he’s been reborn into a girl’s body. Meaty, busty, thick where it matters, with thick eyebrows and juicy lips ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Quick intermission: please, tell me you have read the Golden Kamuy manga series? It absolutely rocks, it might be THE series I am the most glad to have discovered last year, the art, the scenario, the originaly, the humour, the fine details, the historical accuracy, this manga is unique and most praiseworthy. Come on, pick any manga reader you like, or buy the mangas, just read it :D
And so: in Golden Kamuy, our merry masculine band eats sea otter meat without knowing it’s supposed to have crazy aphrodisiac powers, which makes those burly manly men feel super weird, eventually they let the embarrassing steam out by having bare skin sumo after their meal, in the end they leave after promising to never talk about it again. In the original manga, it takes place in a few pages of the chapter 115, and continues in the chapter 116.

Back to hentai: the same otter meat story happens again, except this time there IS a woman in the group :3

Except for the thick bar censorship (deal with it, sob), the manga is solid, drawn well, intense, respecting amazingly well the original series’ drawing traits and the characters’ personalities. Hats off!!!
This exceptional gender bender release comes from MegaFagget, thank you dearly ^_^

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Onee-chan No Himitsu (“Onee-chan’s Secret”) [English], by Echigoya Takeru

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A question I've asked myself a lot, does it count as double penetration when it's with a dildo? Sometimes it's a yes, sometimes a no, to me...

This isn’t your average gender bender story, that one is drawn much better than usual (pity there are x-ray shots, but in exchange the censorship is kept to a minimum). More than that, the male MC’s jaded face in the end was funny to me ^^

In itself, the scenario is unoriginal (a brother and sister switch bodies for unknown reasons, the sister’s boyfriend fucks the body and doesn’t care the body is saying it’s a boy inside, while the brother clearly enjoys the discovery anyway), but the little details, and the art quality, made it a pretty good read in my eyes :)

By the same artist, I also share Dansou Bitch Kasuga-kun, Mitsuki-san No Bosei Ni Oshitsubusaresou Desu and Oku-sama Wa Ouji-sama.

Thanks to Desudesu and Espeon! :jap:

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Elite Onna Joushi Inran Aka-chan Play [English], by Yokkora

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So, yeah, there were good parts

The few preview pics I first opened gave me the wrong impression about this manga, it was pretty okay in fact.
The gist of Elite Onna Joushi Inran Aka-chan Play, basically, is that a reliable and skilled female manager is, in private, with the man she loves, a proudly submissive masochistic subject. They truly love each other, it’s just their kink is hard humiliation play.
Me, it kinda put me off, but I reckon it’s just a matter of tastes, so maybe that will please you =)

Graphically, well, it’s Yokkora :D Think of lots of meat, this time crazy large areolas, a female face flushed with emotion… and this time, diaper fetish (no scat, I reassure you.) That’s the part that destroyed any and all interest I could have had, infantilism fetish simply isn’t my thing, too bad.
Also, don’t miss that bit ;)

It’s been released by Mysterymeat3 and Anonymous, thank you! :jap:

For MORE, please see The updated list of my Yokkora shares!

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