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Shining Musume Volume 1 [English, Uncensored version!, 214 pages], by Shiwasu No Okina

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Torn jeans. Fuck yeah!

Sorry if I can’t pinch you to prove you this isn’t a dream, but the fact is true:  the first volume of Shining Musume has been completely translated, at last !

Halleluia, brothers and sisters ! :P
– Heyyy, no incest, we’re not in a hentai manga ! :shock:

A brief summary: a demon takes an interest in the carreer of a band of idols. He’ll try to help her cope with the pressure from their work and fans. With his own methods. As a demon :3

My sincere thanks to Kaya83 and Tadanohito (talk of a hentai pair, I should be ashamed of naming it like that ^^) for their combined efforts!

Late update: thanks to Maiko, the volumes 1-6 are now UNCENSORED!! :kickass:

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