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Trouble Teachers Volume 5 [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the To Love Ru series, by Tora Machine

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Fuck lala, my To Love Ru crush has always been Tearju :D

Tearju sensei and the male MC in the To Love Ru series, Rito, go to an onsen, enjoy the bath, and have plenty of sex. End of the thrilling scenario’s summary.
There was some charm to the story, with a shy Tearju very much appreciating to be “guided” by a horny partner who knows exactly what they’ll do and in what order, but on top of all, there was lots of charm to Tearju’s amazing large, round, supple, compelling great boobs :twisted:

That’s it, good art without being exceptional, relatively sucky scans (or was the printing poor already?), a nice fap’n’go if you will ;)

It’s been released by Tigoris Translates and commissioned by Delta999, thank you! ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Mezase Rakuen Keikaku 1, Colorful Lala, Trouble Teachers, Trans H, Bathroom With Momo, Kindan No Mikan vol 2 and That’s Not The Level Of Indecency.

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Love Animal [English, Uncensored version!], an hentai doujinshi parodying the To Love Ru Darkness series, by Nanakagi Satoshi

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Heart-shaped butt + thigh gap = faps. FAPS!

Mea uses her abilities to make Rito have sex with her, basically. Don’t search for a scenario, you won’t find one :D
The drawing style is a bit unusual, a mix of realistic and exaggerated, although, to be honest, Nanakagi Satoshi may have delivered a quality erotic product, there never was any hope to compete with the real art by Kentaro Yabuki. If you think I’m unfair here, that simply means you didn’t read the To Love Ru Darkness series (complete version, official color version), in which the art puts 95% of the hentai production to shame :3

And as it’s been decensored, it’s even better :twisted:
Release credits are for Biribiri, Afro Thunda, Flammz and Belldandy100, thank you! :)

By the same artist, known as Nanakagi Satoshi or circle Nanatsu No Kagiana, I also share Gal Shota Cinderella (170 pictures), Fuya No Nemonogatari, Toaru Himitsu No Chounouryokusha S, Transform, Sapohame Jeanne – Netori No Shou, Toritate Namaniku and a pack of 5 works (Kosutte Gingin in its Uncensored version + Hanare Rare nai + Ura no Oshigoto + Wai Ai 1 + Wai Ai 2).

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Watashi Renchi Yabutte Suteru [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the To Love Ru series, by Aoki Kanji

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Don't make her cry, Rito, be a nice guy and give her what she asks for

The mangaka and scenarist behind To Love Ru and To Love Ru darkness are baiting experts, in a billion (or almost) volumes, the male hero didn’t get officially in any dating relation with any of his harem girls. At least, there’s hentai, even if only few mangakas manage to simply draw close to Kentaro Yabuki’s talent.

In this share, Yuuki and Kotegawa (one of the early harem girls) are dating, and the point of focus is how Kotegawa got addicted to giving head and drinking semen (despite initially hating it), with still vaginal sex between the blowjobs as drinking cum drove her mad with lust. Simple as that. As long as the art is to your liking (it’s relatively mediocre coming from Aoki Kanji, to be honest), it might be worth a look :)

Release credits are for Brandon, VHRP and Orla, from Hennojin, thank you! :jap:

(For MORE, please see the list of Aoki Kanji’s works on Hentairules!)

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Shiro Yami-chan [English, Uncensored version], an hentai doujinshi parodying the To Love Ru Darkness series, by Takumi na Muchi

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There was... something, about this picture, that was touching...

That one is borderline loli, but the art is excellent and uncensored, so I figured you guys might love it nonetheless. I realize I’m running out of time so I have to rush my description sorry ^^ – It’s Yami, from To Love Ru Darkness, asking Rito to have sex with him, and, wow, surprise, having sex with her. Neat art, as expected from Takumi Na Muchi.

Thanks to Belldandy100 for the scanlation and the decensoring, and sorry for the rushed description, time is not my friend those days ^^;;

By Takumi Na Muchi, I also share Nanairo (an AWESOME release!), a pack of 4 works, a pack of 3 railgun doujinshi, the uncensored version of Choudenjihou No Mamori Kata Jou, a pack of 2 Railgun doujinshi, Kiniro No idenshi, Sanctuary, and lastly yet another Railgun doujin.

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TL01 [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the To Love Ru series, by Bananajam (AKA Hanzaki Jirou)

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I could have picked a more hardcore picture, but that would mean losing a chance to ravel in the beauty of Tearju's boobs

Guys, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the To Love Ru Darkness series has ended. In a shitty non-conclusive way as expected, BTW, but it still displayed spectacular bits of ecchi that put to shave plenty of officially hentai productions.

Among the TLR-D characters, my #1 favorite was Tearju-sensei: an adult blonde with an hourglass figure, splendid legs, cute glasses, and a mouth you’d want to spend hours French-kissing. My second fave was Mikado-sensei, the hot nurse with a “why don’t you try your chance?” compelling attitude and a hot body too.
Enough said: TL01 is a decent enough hentai doujinshi starring Tearju and Mikado having a threesome with Rito, enjoy! ^^
(I will be sadistic and “forget” to mention something, MWHAHAHAHAAAA)

By the same artist, Hanzaki Jirou, I also share Ran ♥ Kon (194 pictures), Ama Ero Sweet Sugar Baby (192 pictures, Love Love Rumble (201 pictures, now uncensored !), Mamagoto (215 pictures), Garden Of Temptations chapter 1, and under the Bananajam pen name, there’s also HP and HP+01 and the Don’t Kiss My Tail ! !! !!! doujinshi.

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Huge set of 249 Uncensored CG pictures, with English-translated dialogues, by the Circle Anco

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Wow, it's old ^^

I have that impression that I’ve been seeing “Circle Anco” since forever here and there, when I occasionally browse CG picture sets.
Usually, I simply skip them, but this time that was a pack named as being uncensored and translated (and transalted by a certain “Q91”, thanks for this!), NOW it’s something I deem worth sharing :D

What we have here, are 249 pictures of women from popular anime and manga, having sex (not forced, they like it. Oral, vaginal, a few DPs and such.) The colouring is not very artistic (fuck shades, we may be in 16-million jpeg colors mode, but most of the skin usually looks monocolor) and the genitalia look kinda crude, but that’s part of the charm of the style, I guess, either you like it, or not.
I have little more to add: if you dig the art, enjoy! ^^

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Ouhi-sama Taihen Hacchake Asobasu [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the To Love Ru Darkness story, by Aoki Kanji

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*gasping for air*

For the plot, you guys should read To Love Ru Darkness. Here’s a Batoto link. I’ll also mention that reflections are your friend in this series, it’s more hentai than some of my releases, for Pete’s sake.

So. In TLR-D, we’re introduced to the Queen Milf, Queen Sephie, a woman of such beauty she has to hide her face behind a veil or else every male seeing her enters a rut and assaults her.
In this share, our dear queen entertains a whole classroom of healthy highschool boys, nothing less :twisted:

The drawings are fine, not fantastic, but they deliver enough. Oral, vaginal, anal, DP, Sephie adores everything and wants it rough. Oh boy, her face, her body!! Awesome :D
Thanks a LOT to Desudesu for this release :)

(For MORE, please see the list of Aoki Kanji’s works on Hentairules :) )

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