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T-29 SenJoTeki [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Trails Of Cold Steel game, by Cyclone

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

Honestly, though, if such a hot girl was dumb enough to let herself be fucked every day by me, I don't know if I would have the moral fiber to refuse

I had great fun playing the Trails In The Sky games, that was the first time in a decade I felt such liking to the characters of a JRPG (one of my random in-game screenshots). Story-driven RPGs with interesting characters and original enough story lines are so rare! :) There is a sequel made of four games, called Trails Of Cold Steel, however the four-games arc hasn’t been fully published yet, so, for the moment, I’m waiting. Once the fourth volume is published and ported to English, I’ll be game, no matter how long it takes :twisted:
Check this introduction to the game’s universe, if you want :)

This doujinshi, Sen Jo Teki, is about the first game of the second arc, Trails Of Cold Steel. A female student, Alisa, is peer-pressured into gradually becoming a cum dumpster, she can’t resist, she detests loving it, etcetera. Next, we learn a female teacher, Sara, goes through the same thing, thanks to a clever plot led by a few bitchy students “training” weak girls to be the outlet for the lust of the male students. For the mangaka Cyclone, this is almost vanilla-grade compared to the usual, and I’ll add the drawings were simply top notch, an admirable care for detail, delightfully hardcore action (as far as DP), with quite faint censorship, wow! :shock:

By the same artist, I also share 1006 Nano – Cyclone No Soushuuhen (a compilation of several works under one volume, namely: Fei Tas, Kukkoro, Marunomi, Nanoism, Fuokkin, Bonbon), 1004N+ Cyclone No Shoushuuhen (a compilation of several works under one volume, namely: Hayaten, Hayaten After Days, Hayaten 2nd After Days, Waoooon, Situation Note c80, Koooi Kishi, 1004N+), T-32 Hooollow + Hooollow 1.05, a pack of 5 works (SuiSui 2, Shin Shin, KuRuuuu, Shin Shin 2 Bad and Koooi Kishi) and 767 B.

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