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Netorare Kanojo Yuki ~Hentai Kyoushi ni Haramasareta ano Musume [English], an hentai CG pictures set, by Kamikawa Studio

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As long as it stays a fantasy, fap to whatever the fuck you like, and I wouldn't even bother offering you a beer if we met IRL. To each his own.

Desudesu, commissioned by Immortalitis, brought us this translated CG pictures set, so I guess thanks are an order, even if that’s not something I enjoyed. But, hey, I can also make an effort :)
In short, here, a teen girl on the verge of entering a typical romantic relation with her boyfriend, is sexually mindbroken by her scumbag of a physical education teacher. What follows is training to be a cum dumpster, basically. Binding, walking around naked, aphrodisiacs, ending with the boyfriend’s sad masturbation to the girl’s video.
See ? Lots of “meh” for me, but if you like it, to each his own.

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Hahaoya Shikkaku Elite Oyako No M Buta Netorare Tenraku Jinsei [English, 479 pictures], by Hana Hook

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Facepalm time. Yay -_-

I’m mostly sharing it by request, also because I know it’s going to please a good number of people, and I like being nice. So, there you are, the episode before the gigantic NOPE known as Hahaoya Shikkaku Elite Oyako no M Buta Netorare Tenraku Jinsei Epilogue Oyako-hen (“An Elite Mother And Son’s Fall Into A Life As Masochist-Pigs – Epilogue: Mother And Daughter Chapter”).

I took the liberty of recompressing it for you, without a difference that would be visible to the naked eye, the zip’s size fell from 347 MB to 179 MB (169 MB smaller, woot !)
As for the story ? I view it, from my personal point of view, as despicable shite, women are viewed as sows, and men are either dominant alpha males for whom everything is granted, or submissive pieces of shit who must have their pride crushed even when they’re granted access to the sows’ orifices. Fucking sigh :facepalm:
Still – I know lots of you disagreed previously, but, hey, it’s my blog :D – I had to bow to the energy and dedication poured into this comic, no easy route was chosen, lots of efforts were made. I don’t like it, but I can reckon this is now low quality shit, this is high quality shit ;)
Credits for the release are for Rinruririn, Kusanyagi and Herzer, and this is following a suggestion by Gelleyenk that I’m sharing it :jap:

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Elf No Hime Wa Kairaku Ni Naku [English], by Usagi Nagomu

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I think I had never seen bunny ears on a Dark Elf before. O, the joy ;3

I must say, a dark elf wearing bunny ears and fucked from behind is a sight close to biblical. It’s… crazy amazing :3
Yeah, apart from that, this here is the grim story of two pure and candid female elves, main race and dark elf, falling in the hands of rich selfish humans, and they’re broken into sexual slavery. It’s bad, but I’ll reckon the art was real nice, I put my moral sense on standby and enjoyed the drawings, there aren’t enough dark elves in hentai to whine for petty reasons ;)

Many thanks to Von and Hihohahi, from Facedesk ! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Tasogare No Shou Elf volumes 1-2-3, Reizoku Elf Maid, Passiomaid Sister, Kaihana – Ochita Elf Tsuma, Ai Midarete and Shigoite Ageru.

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Dorei Tsuma (“Slave Wife”) [English, 232 pictures], by Tuna Empire (under the name Maguro Teikoku)

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Too much WTF-esque for me to fap, but, to you, eh... who knows, right ? ^_^

Quotation : « Being sought out by so many cocks… I’m the happiest bitch in the world »
Coming from Tuna Empire, this is a relatively mild storyline, about a housewife married to a herbivore husband who isn’t giving her her the sex she’s craving for. She meets a seducing man, and actually that guy’s an expert manipulator, expert cum dump trainer, the woman becomes a sow, in the end they’re a slutty exhibitionist perverted gangbanging couple.
Yep, that’s a whole volume about it. The worst that happens is gangbang without warnings : I told you, it’s mild ! Even the husband of the heroine remains oblivious, so I guess this counts as netori, not as netorare O_o

I’d say, as long as you can stomach a story like that, give the manga a chance, the art is quite good too, with this wild energy oozing out of every page, that’s one of the best points of the artist, this powerful art :twisted:
Thanks a lot to Doujin-Moe for this release :)

For MUCH more stuff, Cf. The list of ALL my Tuna Empire shares

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Hahaoya Shikkaku Elite Oyako no M Buta Netorare Tenraku Jinsei Epilogue Oyako-hen (“An Elite Mother And Son’s Fall Into A Life As Masochist-Pigs – Epilogue: Mother And Daughter Chapter”) [English], by Hana Hook

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Weirder than weird.

Does it count as netorare, when the man who is betrayed and brought down in flames is a piece of shit with horrible intentions, and he was beaten to the point by another asshole faster and “more evil” than him ?
So, yeah, a hopeless man who trained his mother to be his sow, and who wanted to train his daughter now that she’s old enough, is unlucky enough to find that the man for whom he himself is a slave (nohomo), has come in order to reassert dominance.
The rest is training, sex, sex, more sex, anal, vaginal, strap-on, and man-pride crushing.

For me, it’s A GIGANTIC NOPE, but I can bow to the energy that was poured into this manga, it’s striking. And I imagine it should please a number of you guys :)

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Saimin Sharyou Bishoujo JK O Jibun No Mono Ni (apparently, a part of the name can be translated to “Hypnotic Train”) [English], by Date

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After all, maybe it's like that in Japanese trains. How would I know. I have never been there.

You don’t see me sharing many works by Date on Hentairules. Reason is : they’re too bizarre, too weird. Skinsuits, body invasion parasitism, mindbreak… That’s beyond fucked up, and even with the consideration I want to show to the people who have tastes different from mine, reading them in detail and sharing them on my blog would be too much of an effort.

That new release was surprisingly tame, it’s only a salaryman creating an hypnotizing device and using it in a train car to have sex with women and bend a highschool female student to his sexual whims. Almost vanilla, by Date standards ! :lol: :roll:

By the same artist, I also share Ayatsuru Otoko ~ Subete no Onna o Omoidoori ni (“The Man Who Controls Ladies”, parts 1-3, complete), Denshin SousaTanin Ni Naru Kusuri volumes 1-2, Kuzuo No Kuzu Application, Honey Lesson, a pack of 3 works (In The Forest + Konna No Atashi Janai + Overwrite) and Doukyo Suru Neneki Zenpen.

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Slave Mother Rape [English, 189 pictures, now Uncensored], by Chanpon Miyabi

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You know the expression "so much win", right ? How about we create a new one, "so much lose"

I’m not a mothercon. But I have that kind of respect for mothers embedded deep within me. More generally speaking, I loathe stories in which women are treated as objects. or stories in which the male character is an imbecile egocentric fucktard who’ll break everything rather than visit a shrink.

So, when I’m in front of a manga whose theme is “I’m a fucked up teen with a broken spirit and YAY LETS RUIN MY (actually) MASOCHIST PIG SLUTMOTHER”, I just want to shrug and shift-del that shit.

I’m still sharing it because (a) I can respect people loving that, to each his own, tastes are not a debatable matter, and (b) a full translated tank is a full translated tank.

So, if YOU like it, good for you ! Me, shift-del.
Credits are for AceOneTwo from Bouyatachi Translations.
Update: and now, the manga is UNCENSORED, thanks to Tenshi Rikku! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Chou Onee-san Tengoku 1-7 (1265 pictures), My Mom The Sexy Idol volumes 1 and 2, Futa-Bo volume 1 and Futa-Bo volume 2.

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