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Sexaroid Girl [English, 60 pictures], by Arsenal

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

Sister: check. Tsundere: check. Twintails: check. Big boobs: check. The recipe's ingredients are present, cooking begins.

That one was funny ^^ Don’t ask too much of a harem scenario, things like common sense are out of topic, allright? :lol:
Long story short, a Japanese student meets a weird girl, he’s kind enough to treat her to food so she offers him a sex android. Sex follows. His sister finds out, is jealous, joins the frey. The weird girl is back, it’s her turn. The end.
And why not, after all? ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

The sex as okay, with original tidbits (having an android who can shapeshift and multiply herself certainly helps), a bit too censored and sometimes looking amateurish, but that’s how things are with the mangaka, Arsenal, looking average on some pages, looking awesome on some others, all in all I’d say it’s worth it =)

We owe this one to Anon and Desudesu, thank you!

By Arsenal, I also share I, My, Me, Mine (199 pictures, Uncensored!), Hatsujou Sex Days (“Mating Sex Days”, 198 pictures), Devil Cherry Pie (198 pictures), In The Kneesocks Girl (210 pictures, Uncensored!), What His Little Sister Likes, Honorable Young Lady’s Knowledge On Sex, Mashiro Benkyoukai, and Hajimete No Otojou Jiri.

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MESUhame IKIzome [English, 238 pictures], by Karasu

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 4 comments

That can't have been an easy decensoring. Hats off!

There are so many quality full-volume releases lately, we are lucky!
Here’s another, brought to us by The Outside Source again, thank you man :)

The obligatory explanation and warning in case you missed it the previous times: what The Outside Source does is compile.
Look: there’s an artist’s full volume, a tankoubon (a definition is here, if necessary), and one may match its contents with multiple separate releases from the scanlation scene. Some of those releases may have used the tank’s images, some other of those releases may have used earlier versions of the images, either from magazine scans or magazine digital versions.
In the present case, the censorship methods varied a little so it’s clearly not the same sources all the time, but as long as that censorship remained low, I’m cool with it.
It’s possible a full-tank version will exist in the future, of that, I have no idea (but hey one can always hope), in the meanwhile you now have The Outside Source’s cleanly compiled version :)

And after my usual wall of text, must I still summarize MESUhame IKIzome? Each chapter is a single story, and it’s always happy sex, almost always with good mutual feelings (one time or two it must have been love, the other times at least it was consensual let us say ^^). The setups vary a lot, but there’s near-constant, at first the woman is the strong leading type, but many super-orgasms later the tables have been turned on her and she’s a good ahegao girl ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Graphically, man, that was awesome. Intense, generous, drawn with skill, and to make it even better 3 chapters were decensored!! :kickass:

Release credits are for The Outside Source (compiling), and (but I can’t promise it’s a complete list), for the scanlations, to Mysael, No4h, Herzer, Axalon, Pantyshot, Viacheslavovich, Ark, Capt. Crunch, MrWayne and CellFT. Thank you very much! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Anadol Gohoushi Produce, Anata No Haha Toshite Misugosemasen (“As Your Mother, I Cannot Accept This”), Hana Wa Tenji Te Saki Midare, Miurizuma, Miurijima ~ Akume Hisho Maki, Wild Therapy, Onaho Keeper, and Kango Shidou Onegai Shimasu.

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MaMAmama! [English, 249 pictures], by Matsumoto Drill Kenkyuujo

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

Holy hell, the art was awesome!!

Oh boy. What an amazing, gigantic, awesome clusterfuck :D

MaMAmama! rides the typical trope, a demon king has been reincarnated/sealed inside a young human, his sexual powers are rising, and a mix of demonic and angelic girls gravitate around him. But it’s a successful ride…
But that’s where the cliché ends, Matsumoto Drill Kenkyuujo poured mad imagination all along :twisted:

We’ll go through plenty of funny, creative, enthusiastically WTF moments, allegiances change, at times I found myself moved without seeing it coming, and the ending… Ah, what a fine, huge, weird mess! :lol:

And in terms of art? THAT WAS AWESOME!!! :kickass:
There was barely any censorship, very intense vaginal and anal sex, in duos, threesomes or groups, enthusiastic pumping action, the girls were all meaty and busty… I had my fill, and I trust you too you will.

We owe this bountiful release to Shota Lover and Akira from Otokonoko Scans, thank you so much!! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Alignment You! You! (201 pictures, an hentai UFO!), Kuronamisan Nimo Pokapoka Shite Moraitai and Houkago OO Time.

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Atama No Okashii Imouto Wa Gantai Nekomimi De Yattekuru (“My Fucked-In-The-Head Younger Sister Comes In, Wearing Cat Ears And An Eyepatch”) [English, hilarious!], by Inu

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 10 comments

She removed those thighhighs, in favour of plainer ones later. I wonder why?

Comedy gold. Wincest. Madly creative art. Good dialogues. Great sex. A great ending. An even greater beginning.
MAN, THIS IS GOOD! I had a tiring day? Hentai delivers me greatness healing the soul, making me smile, yay for hentai!! ^_____^

Here’s a one-of-a-kind release, even by Inu’s standards. It opposes a normal kind of human, a brother, and his crazy sister. A chuunibyou, following her own train of thoughts, and making little effort to match with the way the rest of the world operates under normal circumstances. On a whim (?) she visits her brother’s room, ready for sex, cosplayed with an eyepatch and cat ears, and the rest goes *not* the way you might have imagined ;) :lol:

That marvel was released by Nanda Sore Scans, thank you, thank you so much! ^___^

(There’s MORE ! Cf. The Updated List of ALL Inu’s Works on HentaiRules)

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Namaiki Karin [English], by Kyockcho

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 10 comments

You can bet they'll leave the room in that state, and NOBODY will mind, because it's just the norm in the hentai world ^^

If you’ve played Skyrim, you must know the idea, a Quicksave moment?
You’ve had enough. Too much is too much. This merchant must be set on fire. You’re itching to try and pickpocket the Jarl. This kid is bloody annoying. All those guards are tightly assembled and if you don’t try shouting them off you’ll never get the chance again.
Case in point, you’ve reached an F5 moment, there’s no resisting anymore, it’s time to quicksave and finally be free, free!!

In this share, the male MC is an apparently responsible senpai, nagged by his annoying female kouhai. She may be small and cute, but she has a foul mouth, teases him for being a virgin, pretends she’ll show him his panties and doesn’t… Until the MC turns around and locks the door.
No need to quicksave in the hentai world, it will work.
The rest is hentai :D

I was a moderate fan of the art in this release, I felt Kyockcho has done better at times, but a petite girl with huge twintails, so light you can turn around to do whatever you want with her, it’s pretty good fap material, so here’s to hoping you’ll love it ^_^

By the same artist, I also share Nishizumi Shimai Ryoujoku 1, Nishizumi Shimai Ryoujoku 2, GirlPan Omakebon Matome, Maiden Breed and Nico Joku.

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Te To Te O Toreba (“When You Take My Hand In Yours”) [English], by Hiroya

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 9 comments

One of the few h-mangas that made me regret they aren't about a real girl. How to say... She'd deserve to exist, and to live a happy life.

I reckon the internet is choke full of fake “I made dis”, “I saw that” stories, but just like a good movie, it doesn’t need to be true to be entertaining. Like this old tale of a guy noticing his neighbour had an unsecured wi-fi printer, sending a “I have become self-aware, hello Human” text to print, and winning a free printer after the neighbour threw the printer away, you’d see the idea? It certainly never was true to begin with, random weirdos keep on saying it’s them who did it (no shit, I’ve seen that story retold at least once a year for more than one decade, almost every time by a different person, do they know no shame?!?), but, still, it’s a funny story.

The fake story I had in mind while reading Te To Te O Toreba was the story of the classmate allergic to nuts, suddenly declaring “fuck it, I want to know what they taste like”, taking out his epi-pen, eating a bunch of nuts, and then proceeding to inject himself with his epi-pen.
Similarly, I was telling myself, while reading Te To Te O Toreba, that if vanilla hentai could really give diabetes, I wouldn’t mind needing an insulin shot, reading that manga was totally worth it :D

The story, in short? Two young adults (or end of highschool perhaps?) have been going out for 6 months, but the girl (a gyaru, dark-skinned, cheerful and easy, so lovely) never allows her BF to touch her fingers. When he eventually touches them, the cat’s out of the bag, that’s because she’s extra-sensitive to the touch of a loved one. Sex, tsundere and vanilla follow, maybe not in that exact order ;)

Look, just read it, it’s adorable, and it’s worth it =)
It’s been released by Dynellen, Freudia, Nero, Amalthea, CellTF and RO, from the blissful Team Koinaka, thank you very much!! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Linaria, Chaldea Life I, Chaldea Life II, Himono Elf Kozukuri O Suru + After, Boku No Oshishou-sama, Kirisame Marisa Wa Makerarenai, Alice Ga Suki Nano Wa and Mariho.

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Pack of 2 [English] works by Eno Yukimi (circle Hachimitsu Romance)

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 1 comment

Oh, that face. Totally worth eating out.

I gathered here 2 adorable works by Eno Yukimi, featuring, as of usual, the tsundere Sturm and the sometimes virile Drang, from Granblue Fantasy. Brace yourselves, tons of pouting, teasing and blushing are coming your way :)

Namely, those volumes are:
Nee Boku No Me Chanto. Zero sex in that one, but a tsundere and vanilla overdose. Totally worth it. Chronologically speaking, taking place before the two characters became lovers.
Sturm-dono Ga Saiinkouka De Meromero Ni Natchau Hon. Good sex in that one (Sturm and Drang had hunted monsters producing aphrodisiac materials, Sturm is in prime condition, etcetera), in addition to the delicious tsundere vanilla.

My great thanks go to Megaton, who commissioned the scanlations from Yukikaze D, Kokokbeluk, Koneko0133, Lauraldy, from DKKMD (Di Kala Kita Membacca Doujin) Translations and Biribiri and Axalon! :jap:

By the same artist, same deal, I also share Kazoku Ni Narou Yo, Sturm-dono Ni Amaetai and Kimi To Boku Dake No Amai Jikan.

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