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Katekano [English, Complete Tank version, 193 pictures], by Ohtomo Takuji

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Twins hentai is so rare! Too bad, it's awesome

Woah. I feel like I was slapped with a ton of awesome in the face. Wow. :shock:
Boys, girls, and everything in between, I’m extremely glad to share with you the complete, Tank version of Katekano, by Ohtomo Takuji :)
In the past, for Katekano, I was sharing an incomplete old version based on magazine scans with lots more censorship and inferior image resolution; at last, here, we’re in tankoubon scans with only a few censorship bars here and there, and larger, better images :twisted:

The manga (save one wincest idol chapter in the end) is about a young male adult who, behind his average hentai joe face, is a hard boiled sexual predator, making every hot woman he sees long for his dick, and become part of his harem soon after. First a girlfriend, then her sister, then her mother, then a tanned MILF friend of the mother, and lastly her twin daughters, no less, lol. Honest warning, it’s sex without true feelings, and there’ll be cheating.
The girls are extremely hot, with tiny miniskirts, adorable faces, cute boobs from small to huge, in a sweet variety of outfits (casual clothing or bikinis), and they’re creampied hard all along. These are materials I can whole-heartily approve! :D

Release credits are for Ragdoll, HappyMerchants and Tigoris Translates, with CustomX taking care of the tank reediting. Thank you so much!! :jap:

For more, see The list of all my Takuji/Ohtomo Takuji/Number2 shares!

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Denpa Gaaru Futago (“Electric Brain Waves Twin Girls”) [English], by Kojima Saya

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Cgrascal scanlated this story from magazine scans 4 years ago, and today, a kind person with the name Akiba-kei re-released it with the tank scans as a base. Thank you very much! :jap:
The differences ?
– Slightly better visual quality
– A joined double page
– Less censorship ^_^

–Update: great news, this post is obsolete, as there’s now an ENTIRE tank of amazing quality, in which this present chapter has been included. The title: Boku To Kanojo No Shujuu Kankei (“Me And Her Master-Servant Relationship”) :)

Wwife [English], by Shiomaneki

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My waning moral objections: but they’re married. It’s not… right… Oh fuck it, they’re twins, it would be absolutely AWESOME to have sex with horny twins. Moral conscience, GTFO, I have better to do :twisted:
The two women (who go predating on a neighbour, because them they love group sex, but their respective husbands don’t) sport beautiful bodies, sweet large tits, extremely salacious faces. It’s only the whiteout censorship part that comes to reduce the fun.
All in all, a good read :twisted:

This has been released by Steven_Even, whose latest translation thread on 4chan is right here if you want to provide him with feedback, expressions of gratitude or suggestions, thank you! ^_^

By Shiomaneki, I also share Amanee (210 pictures), the great Toppatsusei Inkou Shoukougun (158 pictures, commissioned and decensored by yours truly), Kouzen Waisetsu Kanojo (181 pictures, Uncensored), and there’s also Desperate Neighbour, Otoshiana, Makinami Mari, Hanmen Kateikyoushi – The Tutor, a pack of 2 works ( Love the Cat Next Door + Nozomi’s Toy), Drunk Love and The Power Of Swimsuits.

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Karumina [English, splendid!], by Ohtomo Takuji

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–Update: good news, that post is now obsolete. It’s part of Katekano from now on :)


Haaa, this is fapworthy, brothers, sisters, I strongly recommend you that one =)

Carmina is a spin-off of Katekano, but knowledge of that other one is not necessary, it’s simply about a horny infatigable young man being recruited as a private teacher in a family of dark-skinnned women. At first, the mother (in all her MILF glory, large breasts, self-confidence, splendid body), and then, her twin daughters (petite, small breasts, thin, cute hair). And they looked GREAT!! :twisted:
The male hero doesn’t care, he’s a simple man, he sees a pussy, he thrusts his dick and ejaculates. Since the women love it, he doesn’t feel the need to question his life :roll:

This was released by Happy Merchants, thank you very much! :jap:

For more, see The list of all my Takuji/Ohtomo Takuji/Number2 shares!

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