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Chiri Mo Tsumoreba Koitonaru (“Even Dust Becomes Love If Piled Together”) [English], by Toribami Sasami

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Real world version: -Erm, did you really come? -Have mercy on me, it's my second time of the hour!

“Even dust becomes love, if it is piled together.”
– look, it’s not just me, that doesn’t make sense, this title, right?!? O_o

To each his own POV of course, personally I’m no fan of the “used goods” mindset, that I’d label at best as hypocritical. It doesn’t matter if a girl has already enjoyed tons of dick and lived the slut life, I see no contradiction about it when the time comes for her to fall in love and become cute, shy and reserved.
From those two lines, you’ll infer what kind of share this is, will you? ^^
All cute and WAFF-ey for me, with generous art not too censored, a good read in my eyes. I hope you too may love it :)

Thanks to N04h and Herzer! :jap:

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