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Goshujin-sama Daisuki [English], by Peachpulsar

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This volume was, indeed, a bit more hardcore than of usual. You won't find me complaining.

Haaaa, reading Peachpulsar feels good, so good! ^_^
Here is, once again, an original and lovely yuri hentai story, with interesting and endearing characters, enough plot to keep us interested and a bit on our toes, and, naturally, lovely yuri scenes with tribadism, kissing and rubbing :)

This time, a young female merchant gains a magical follower, technically called a succubus, but she’s really more like a cheerful flying cutie with magical powers feeding on her master’s yuri juices to refill her magical energy :D

It’s been released by Anon, Seanpie, Baran and Vilis, from Hennojin, thank you very much! :jap:

For more Peachpulsar greatness, please check the list of her works on Hentairules!

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Tobikome! Seishun! (“Dive In! Youth!”) [English], by Tokiwa Midori

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Wasn't she adorable? ^_^

Easygoing, proactive and tomboyish: the female MC in that share is adorable :D
It’s a simple story, two highschoolers that “had it coming” finally become lovers and a couple after enough pressure has built up, with a rare combination of swimsuit and karaoke contexts, huhu.

It was a bit touching, the two characters were endearing enough, I couldn’t help sympathizing with them ^^ Also, the girl drawn fairly well with tolerable amounts of black bar censorship, if like me you’ve got fetishes for tanlines, swimsuits and girls with meat on their bones, I’m confident this share will please you :)

Thanks a LOT to NecroManCr for this new release, I’m grateful!! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Nepenthes and Haru O Maneku Suzu (“Ringing In Spring”).

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Shion No Hana (“Flowers For Shion”) [English], by Nekoi Hikaru

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I like an arched back on all women, fictional or real, human or not

It had been five months since the last time I shared a nekomimi hentai manga, five months!!

This share has a bittersweet, moving feeling. To sum it up real fast, the male MC in this share is sad because his dear cat died in a fire a few months ago, and when a cute girl comes crashing at his place out of the blue, it takes him a while to realize the cat has been brought to life under human form. Heart-warming vanilla feelings and very well (although whiteout-censored, sob!) hentai drawings follow :)

Please, don’t miss the credit pictures with the explanations provided by the scanlator, Rotoscopic, it’s… well, it’s touching.
Enjoy! And thanks to Rotoscopic, of course :)

By the same artist, I also share Ienai Himitsu + Ienai Asobi (“An Unspeakable Secret + Unspeakable Play”).

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Teen XXX [English, 195 pictures], by Tohru Nishimaki

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Yiss! Full vanilla! I didn't dare believe my luck!!

Anonymous and SMDC, thank you very much for this, bring us a vanilla-coated complete Tohru Nishimaki manga! I’ll insist: you can read it without any worries, it’s exclusively happy sex with mutual love, mutual care, between two youngsters promising eternal love to each other. They discovering the joys of sex, day after day, month after month :)

Graphically, this is the usual Nishimaki-san, the girl has verrry large breasts, cute blue eyes and an hourglass figure, while in terms of censorship it’s mostly bearable, semi-thick translucent bars.
The scenario is very simple, based on WAFF, on mutual communication, on gentle lust.

That said, one thing amused me: the male MC eats sex encyclopedias for breakfast. I find no other possible explanation :D He’ll be droning about details I had no clue about, all along, in every single chapter (that said, some of those details based on French culture appear to be made up, Baguette represent), that was kinda hilarious ^^;;

By the same artist, I also share Blue Eyes volumes 1-9 (1649 pictures, with the volumes 1, 3-4-5 Uncensored!), Delicate Fantasy volumes 1-2-3 (176 pictures), Dear My Mother volume 1 (196 pictures) and volume 2 (194 pictures), Scarlet Desire Volume 1 (196 pictures) and  volume 2 (250 pictures), and The Lovely Nanako Sensei (Uncensored version).

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Choushin Itoko To Ecchii Koto Shiyo (“I Want To Do Sexy Things With My Tall Younger Cousin”) [English], by Hachimitsu (circle Honey Lounge)

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Forget about anal, boy, you won't reach

If you find the female MC in this share tall, look at this cover of another work by Hachimitsu (the title: “Chikyuu no Jinrui wa Kujo Taishou ni Narimashita“). And if you don’t find anything odd? Look more closely, in the bottom-left :D

This share is 50% cuteness, 50% WAFF, and 50% height issues. It’s about two cousins, the boy is kinda short (1m52, don’t try to get me started with imperial units) while the girl peaks at 1m88 without heels, and is still growing :D Sure, they’re in a cute incestuous relation, without complications, but I’ll let you imagine the small arrangements one must come up with when there’s half a meter of difference :twisted:

The drawings are adorable, the girl’s cheerful and honest personality is endearing, there’s only the art that is a big lacking with this whiteout censorship ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

It’s been scanlated by Jasmine Tea, many thanks! :)

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Love-Aya Dokidoki Shuzai Ryokou [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Touhou series, by Koza (circle Rocket Chousashitsu)

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Enjoyable to behold, right? ^_^

Aya Shameimaru works as a journalist, and travels with her young male assistant. They’ll be having sex in the woods, naked in a hot spring and – my favourite part – have yukata sex in their bedroom in the end. “Technically” speaking, there’s a lot of white bar censorship, however Aya’s sexy body and her glorious butt (whose anus is uncensored) is totally worth it IMO. And their “fully clothed” outfits were plenty cute too.

I got a whole lot of good vibes from this volume. It’s weird, maybe, as no feelings of liking or even love are spoken out loud, but the expressions, the care for each other, the communication from eyes to eyes, that was enough to make it full vanilla in my eyes :)

Ninsegando and CrowKarasu are behind this release, thank you! :jap:

By the same mangaka, known as Koza (artist’s name) or Rocket Chousashitsu (circle name), I also share Yuukarin Chuchu 2, Kazami Yuuka To Naisho Play, Momiji-chan To Goshujin-sama, Alice To DeresSakuya Ga Mizugi Ni Kigaetara, Utsuho Heartswitch, and Izayoi Sakuya No shousha Na Jikan.

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Muttsuri Chichiue Torotoro Koubi (“Sullen Big Breasted Wet Mating”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate / Grand Order game, by Miyamoto Issa (circle Nosebleed)

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Damn, she looks fine.

There’s little need for a summary here, as there’s no actual scenario, this is simply Artoria and her master, having great sex on many occasions, and it wasn’t just sheer lust (even though discovering one’s hidden slutty side is always a welcome surprise), but also love and cute moments =)
A bit like in Muttsuri Chichiue Amaama Koubi :)

For the rest, it’s entirely a matter of tastes. Personally, I enjoyed a whole frigging lot the art, finding it generous, heart-warming (those blushing faces ^^;;), intense and highly, erm, usable ;)
Thanks to Doujin-Moe for this one!

By the same artist, known as Nosebleed and Miyamoto Issa, I also share Keraku No Yume, Himegoto Senpai, Iinari no Susume (“Advice For The Whipped”) , LiMiM’s, Muttsuri Chichiue Amaama Koubi, Seicross, Kimi Wa Kanojo No Kanrika Ni Iru, Itoshi No Onii-sama – Lilim’s Gaiden (uncensored version) and Yasashii Kashima-san (“Gentle Kashima-san”).

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