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Kanojo Zokusei – Kimi Zoku [English, 202 pictures], by Maruta

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Honestly though, the censorship is stronger in most other images.

This isn’t a tankoubon. We’re with a compilation of scanlations based on magazine scans and, for 2 chapters, tank scans.

Which means: low resolution in the 1500-1600 px (save the 2 tank chapters, in 2400 px), and sub-par image quality in half of the chapters (needing proper levelling and/or cleaning, there’s even a chapter not in actual grayscale: the pictures have a reddish tint, ew.)
It’s better than nothing, but don’t take out the celebration lube you keep for the exceptional days, okay?

If you only care for the graphics, then choose instead the other Kanojo Zokusei – Kimi Zoku that I share, that one is 100% based on tank scans, is properly cleaned and levelled (damn, so much better!!), it’s in high res, it’s fully uncensored… There’s only this small downside (me, I wouldn’t be bothered, hehe), it’s in French ;) :lol:

So, being a compilation, what’s the manga made of?
– a 4-chapters long main story arc I had not shared yet, called “Moshimo, Hatsukoi ga Kanatte Itara
– 5 unrelated single stories (I give their full names below in my post)

Save 2 chapters in the end, the entire manga is made of cute vanilla, with WAFF moments, in which we follow the growing love between girls lacking self-confidence and their boyfriends who finally convince they are beautiful and deserve the love they get. Basically :D
In terms of art, the girls are slim, drawn very realistically, with small breasts, and have quite realistic vaginal sex. It’s pure Maruta quality ^^

Release credits are for various persons: Cgrascal, Taihen Zombii, and Red Vodka, Calyx and Altereggo from Little White Butterflies, and the person was kind enough to repackage everything in one archive, thank you very much, all of you! :jap:

For MORE, please see The list of Maruta’s works on Hentairules

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Kanojo Zokusei – Kimi Zoku [French, Uncensored, High resolution clean tank scans, 203 pictures]

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Oh fuck yeah, uncensored, and in my mother tongue, woohoo! DIXOUT!

I’m cool with French hentai mangas, so are approximately 15% of the visitors of Hentairules, last time I checked.
But for everyone else, fair warning, this manga isn’t in English, it’s in French, okay? ;)

The English version of Kanojo Zokusei – Kimi Zoku is pretty unsatisfactory, save 2 chapters, everything else uses low resolution magazine scans (if needed, read my clarification) in the 1500-1600 px, with half of them cursed by poor image quality.
This present French version is the shining opposite: fully uncensored, 100% high resolution (2400 px) tank scans, and the images were cleaned to perfection (properly levelled, clean surfaces without spotty pollution), niiiiiice!! :kickass: :twisted:

And, as for the scenarii, the manga is made of a 4-chapters arc followed by 4 shorter stories (1 or 2 chapters each). Save the last 2 chapters, this is entirely vanilla, with WAFF moments, showing the cute progression of love between highschoolers, with confidence and trust building up, awww =)
The girls are drawn quite realistically, with mostly small breasts, having “natural” sex without excesses: personally, I dig that it’s not crazy mad stuff, it feels more compelling, in my eyes :)

We owe this excellent release to Beubeuch and Migosh, merci beaucoup les gars! ^_^

For MORE, please see The list of Maruta’s works on Hentairules

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Hatsugao (“Unfamiliar Face”) [English], absolutely ADORABLE vanilla, by Gosaiji

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NecroManCr is back, with the sweetest, most adorable, most heart-warming WAFF vanilla you can hope to read :)

In Hatsugao, there are two childhood friends, male and female, when they were brats the girl was a total tomboy, but now they’ve grown up, the girl remains a tomboy at heart (plus, short hair, noice), however her body has grown in admirable proportions (large breasts, hourglass figure). And, simply, we’re here to watch the moment they become lovers, at last, this little leap of faith, this adorable blushing, the resolution, and the sweet, caring sex, knowing full well the love is mutual… Haaa, this is gold =)

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Kokuhaku (“Confession”) [English], by Kirihara You

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In the hentai world, the semen stains magically disappear once you exit the rooftop

Insulin shots, on the ready!! :D

It’s that kind of share in which you can’t help but sympathize with the characters, wish them well, and share their happiness as their confidence and joy are being restored. Hentai not just for the dick (the sex was good, thank you, sadly censored as fuck but a petite small-breasted girl in a sailor uniform, I shall not refuse it, hooo no I won’t), but also hentai for the soul :)

A brief summary if you want, a highschool boy is called by his female childhood friend to talk on the school’s rooftop. She’s depressed, another boy mistook her cheerful nature for an easy lay kind of girl, and blamed her when she rejected him. It’s up to the boy to remind her of her qualities, tell that she’s fine just the way she is, etcetera. Simple, but heart-warming… And the conclusion, RHA, it gave me such a wide smile ^___^

Thanks a LOT to Noraneko and Siperi, I loved this one :)

By the same artist (whose name I’ve read as Kirihaya You and Kirihara Yuu), I also share Borderline, Asobi No Jikan and Natsu No Owaru Ni.

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Okatai Onna To Iwanaide (“Don’t Call Me An Old Maid”) [English], by Herio

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Adorable =) And between adults, not teenagers, a welcome change :)

Maybe what an excessively stern female accountant needs… is the company of an excessively easygoing male colleague from the sales department, to bring some balance and peace into her life? ^^
Here’s a pleasant, vanilla-flavoured release, that’s about extending bridges toward each other. It’s not crazy romantic, but it’s human, and it’s already heart-warming enough, leaving us with a giggly feeling, and hoping for the best for our two main characters :)

This quite pleasant release was brought to us by Ingloo, from Scans For Humanity, many thanks! :jap:

By Herio (circle Haraheridou), to this day, I also share Virgin Chauwa, Toshoshitsu O Shimete Kara, Resort Lover, BeaTRICKs, Yamisuki Pheromone, Kimi To Retry, Bea Ga Mizugi Ni Kigaetara and Oshikake Youko-sama.

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Pack of 5 hentai doujinshi featuring Kaho Takafuji, from The [email protected] [English, 164 pictures], by Iorigumi

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What? Of course I had to choose a paizuri picture, if given the choice

Let’s make things simpler, rather than single shares, I repacked together all the hentai doujinshi I had yet to share by Iorigumi featuring Kako-san, the [email protected] Cinderella Girls starlet. Five volumes in total, all of them filled with WAFF (*), showing delicious vanilla moments between Kako and her beloved producer. Mutual love, mutual care, and great sex, I loved it =)

Kako’s got an adorable motherly feeling. She’s pure, fresh, spontaneous, and honest with herself about her own lust: when there’s a chance to enjoy physical intimacy with her producer, she seizes it :3

Just a note: I retouched the five volumes in various ways, sometimes a lot, sometimes just a little, I felt they deserved all the love I could give them to bring an improvement :)

Those 5 volumes are:
Kako-san Ga Seifuku Ni Kigaetara (there’s a highschool uniform themed photo shoot)
Kako-san Shippori Douchuu (onsen loving, in the hot spring and later in a yukata)
Kako-san To Minami No Shima De Rendezvous (beach time! That bikini paizuri session was worth it, IMHO. And later, in a hotel room.)
Kakohajime (the beginning of the series, the first confession and first sex between Kako and her producer)
Natsu Kako (bikini time again, outdoor sex. Pity the image quality is poor.)

For those volumes, my great thanks go to Aizu, Melco S and Skymill, from FLG Translation, great job! :jap:

By the same artist (mangaka: Tokita Alumi, circle: Iorigumi), I also share Kako-san To Hotel De Hitobanjuu and Time Limit Love.

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Shunjou Oni Musume (“Lusty Oni Girl”) [English], by Takahashi Takashi

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I have the impression a still image taken outside of context doesn't do justice to the overall reading pleasure you get with the manga, it takes a few pages to get used to it

Would you look at that: vanilla hentai with a female oni, it’s rare, it’s drawn with a unique, pleasant and original style, and it’s heart-warming =)

In Shunjou Oni Musume, a male human is somehow transported back in ancient Japan, where the local village folks believe he’s a sorcerer, and task him with getting rid of an oni stealing their food. Not being a bloodthirty barbarian, our XXIst century guy finds the oni is female, sympathizes with her, and basically turns her into a cute horned tsundere. Soon enough, they’re having sex (hey, with only 27 pages, you can’t waste time ^^), etcetera.
The story’s flow was adorable, and the ending, haaaaa, so sweet, so cute :)

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I did, so thanks a LOT to Hentai_Doctor! :)

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