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Issennen No Ai O Shinjite (“In Belief Of A Thousand Year Long Love”) [English, 160 pictures], by Shishikura Sendou

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

Hurry up and come back, dude

I wasn’t ready for this amount of feels. Although it’s not like in Believe Machine, I felt a similar tsunami of emotions, of sadness and joy.

In Issennen No Ai O Shinjite, an elf with an impossibly long lifespan and a human learn to trust and love each other. Basically.
They each had their own trauma to overcome, the elf lost all confidence and self-esteem, the human stopped believing a woman could keep on loving him even when he’s away for his mercenary work. And… let’s say they worked hard on deserving each other’s trust :)

This is a full-volume scenario, starting by exposing original drama, and ending in a harrowingly beautiful conclusion.
Graphically, it’s not amazing TBH, but it’s good enough, still.

Thanks to whoever is behind the release of this masterpiece, that was amazing. Really, thank you, and I wish you all, folks, a good read :)

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Ihou No Otome (“Monster Girls In Another World”) [English, 240 pictures], by Mizone

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

Laying the dragon

Oh, wow!!

Thanks to the fine scanlation work of The People With No Name (whose names are @Legendrazgriz and @Zolgheim), here is a most excellent manga, I’m confident most of you guys should have a great time reading it.
Really, thanks for the release ^_^

Each chapter in Ihou No Otome is a separate story, in which the canvas changes, but not the gist: a man and a woman, belonging to different monster, human or demi-human species, fall in love, overcome the differences between their species, and have sex with lots of mutual love.
Sometimes you’ll have tsundere, sometimes pure WAFF, sometimes it will be cutely amusing…
As for the women, they’re of all kind of animal-based species: naga, harpy, centaur or weird beast (the only 2 chapters I couldn’t stand, I have something against four-legged monster girls apparently), dragon, demon, and dryad…

Must I even warn you, that these are monster girls? I mean, it’s kinda, erm, obvious, right? It’s Mizone, and it’s in the title ;)
Still, please, if the first and second chapters spooked the fuck out of you, try and endure, it gets so much better in the entire rest of the volume, with less spooky girls! And, graphically, it’s a treat. The men and women making entranced faces, full of love, sex with very little censorship, that was good. Hats off :)

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Aimitsu Carameliser [English, 228 pictures], by 212

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

Fuck yeah, this is okay

Here’s an excellent release I am most pleased to share, the complete Aimutsu Carameliser, by 212 (an artist I also saw called “Niichini”), 228 pages full of excellent sex, mostly vanilla, drawn with great talent :)

Some chapters will be casual brains-free sex, most of them will be various shades of vanilla with lively female characters (my favourite quote: “Then it’s me who got fooled! Return my virginity, you stupid Haruki!:lol: ), the action never left me with a sour aftertaste, I loved those good vibes =)

Graphically, ah, it’s also the good stuff. The censorship remains bearable (a few semi-transparent bars here and there, and an uncensored chapter 2), the girls are really sweet (absolute victory for the tanned athlete with her sports bra and tanlines, HNNNNNG), there’ll be plenty to enjoy :twisted:

I hope you guys too will love this release. Thanks a LOT to CopyOf, N04H, Herzer and Alexey! :jap:

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Musashi-san No Yoru Jijou Anata No Ai Kagi Hen + Musashi-san No Yoru Jijou Shoya Hen [English, 135 pictures], a pack of 2 works by Yunamaro

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

Usually I don't like shots from this POV, but this one was more than OK in my book

I don’t see why I couldn’t slightly alter my usual course, and go for repack, of 2 vanilla-focused hentai doujinshi, taking place in the Kantai Collection world, and showing the dark-skinned busty Musashi shipgirl being happy in life and in bed.
… To make it short :D

Those 2 works I repacked to share them together are:
Musashi-san No Yoru Jijou Anata No Ai Kagi Hen
Musashi-san No Yoru Jijou Shoya Hen

In reading order, Shoya Hen comes first, but the second volume, Anata No Ai Kagi Hen, has better art and a better storyline, in my opinion.

I could give plenty more details, sure, but… should I? I feel it would be a waste!
Let’s let you enjoy quality vanilla without knowing what’s coming, it will taste even sweeter, treat yourselves, I promise you’ll get the warm and fuzzy feelings so many of us cherish ^__^

Release credits are for Osprey and Carl Translates Manga (who also’s got a Ko-Fi), thank you very much! :jap:

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Sukina Hito Sukina Koto (“What You Love, With The Person You Love”) [English, 227 pictures], by Ebi Fry Teishoku

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

Skweez? Skweez!

My previous share didn’t sit right with me, it was reeking of incel sympathy vibes.

Here’s something MUCH better, a 227 pages long manga, in which every chapter is a single unrelated story, and every chapter is 100% vanilla, frequently going reaching into heart-warming WAFF territory!! :woot:

The general canvas in each chapter, is young adults becoming a couple after their first time(s) having sex together, basically. They sate their libido, but also build bonds, feel each other’s warmth and are happier for the connection.

Graphically, I won’t call it exceptional, but it was solid enough to sustain my reading pleasure all along, at least. The women are of the busty type, with slightly slanted eyes, with several unique artistic idiosyncrasies, I quite liked it, past like half a chapter to get used to the art.

I hope you too, you’ll love the read!
Thanks a lot, for this release, to Brolen, NU2, BonjoHiggins and Megaton! I’m grateful :)

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Oohata-san Wa Risou No Gyaru (“Oohata-san Is My Dream Gyaru”) [English], by Buta

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

Look at her adorable areolas. And her face. And uniform. And... everything!

Have you guys got good vanilla hentai releases you think I ought to be sharing on Hentairules? Recommendations (and names ^^) are more than welcome =)
I’m kinda running short at the moment, and the alternatives are… erm, not as palatable to me, let us delicately say.

Here’s something today for all of us starving for degeneracy: sex with heart-warming love, eyes conveying sincere love locked into eyes accepting to trust, the magic of feeling what sex feels like with someone who truly cares for you and not just your genitalia… I will never get bored of it :)

To be a bit more specific, okay, we have a highschool gyaru and a male classmate obsessed with gyaru culture, she starts by modelling for him, until, inevitably, vanilla happens, let’s say!

Story-wise, I shipped. (You may need a definition for the word “oshi”, BTW.) Graphically, I loved it too. I hope you guys will have a good time reading it on your end! ^_^

We owe this release to Cutegyaru, Scav, Nick “Zorb” Cage, from No Thoughts Head Empty, thank you very much!! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Otonarisan and the excellent Kawaii No Wa Zurui.

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10,000 Bon No Gomu (“10,000 Rubbers”) [English, 249 pictures], by Kapa

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

Literally: because fuck you, that's why

I came looking for hentai, and I found gold. Hentai gold :D

Here’s an excellent and long manga, combining
– very well drawn hardcore sex (vaginal, anal, a few paizuri and DPs, the art is rich with life and movement, it’s like each page is oozing out pure energy), with very little censorship, powerful action, and meaty girls
– comedy, regular comic relief moments, original and unique characters, frequently surprising crazy dialogues
– vanilla with adorable loving and plenty of WAFF heart-warming moments :)

Each girl is given her own long chapter, with enough pages for some manner of character development, I frequently found myself smiling like a happy huge idiot ^___^
Enough said. I can’t recommend you enough to read this manga, come on guys, treat yourselves! =)

We owe this release to BSN, thank you so much!! :jap:

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