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Chin Nii-chan [English], by Teru

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A brother becomes a dick. Just a dick. Not a guy with an awful personality, no, simply, he becomes a dick. Who can speak and has some mobility, but… a dick.
His younger sister finds out, gets freaked out, interacts weirdly.
His older sister (or mother? She says “onii-chan”, he says “mama”, your call) finds out, doesn’t freak out, interacts productively.
And in the end, the brother becomes… oh god I should have seen it coming…

Enjoy this fine piece of WTF comedy hentai, folks, I doubt you’ll manage to fap to this one (although, when there’s a will…), but I laughed more than sanity allows, I hope you too will have a good time reading it :lol:

Thanks to [email protected] Deluxe for the giggles ^^

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Be Onest [English], by Satsuki Imonet

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I had a good number of smiles with that one, I’m confident it will please whoever attempts to read it ^_^

Here’s the idea: in Be Onest, there’s a sister who can see spirits and interact with them, including her recently passed away brother. They’re casual lovers: loving to feel good, sure, but not romantically involved. And when the sister’s boyfriend is introduced into the plot, all goes well, with the brother acting like a good samaritan and giving the push that was required ^^

In terms of drawings, it’s very generous, intense, cute, enthusiastic, I only had words of praise :)
We owe this quality release to Jumi, IExpectedBeter, IceCat, Danky, Jumi and Cczzdhx, from RedLantern, thank you very much!! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Toshi Densetsu Bitch – Joshikai (187 pictures, Uncensored), Hamedori No Yatsu (“That POV Sex Thing”, 92 pictures), Onee Ga Ii Twins and a pack of 4 works (OneHole + That Girl Is A Kunoichi + That Is Also A Form Of Love + The One).

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Boku No Itoko No Onesan (“Big Sis Cousin”) [English], by Shindou

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I "accidentally" picked the only picture in which the censorship was almost invisible. Oops.

A kind, smiling and generous female cousin (at this point, I feel like the rest of my description has already become unnecessary) offers to allow the male MC to sleep at her flat as it’s next to his college, there’ll be no rent as long as he takes care of house chores.
Hentai rules dictate that (1) the girl is actually a total slob at home, and (2) there was a rent, somehow, and you know how it’s been paid.

I’d like to say a lot of good things about this release, the story is cute and the drawings aren’t bad, but I have too many reservations. The art is sometimes lazy, the potentially best panels were ruined by X-ray shots (never has an X-ray shot brought value added in an hentai manga, period), and there’s full whiteout censorship to finish wasting the manga’s potential.
But, eh, it’s just me, so maybe you’ll love it more =)

Thanks to Renne and Bongbert, from Shuten Doujin Translations! :jap:

By the same artist, I also shareOjou-sama To Maid No Midara Na Seikatsu (205 pictures), Hatsujou Days (193 pictures), Naisho No Yurine-san and Boss No Dagashi.

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Nee-chan Ga Ore O Suki Sugiru (“A Story Of My Onee San Who Loves Me Too Much”) [English], by Haguruma

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Do you see what I mean, about the crazy faces?

Consent was asked, and given, several times, so we’ve miraculously escaped the typical domination + yandere scenario I thought was coming. Allow me a sigh of relief :D

In this share, a stepbrother finally discovers his stepsister is crushing hard on him. As he doesn’t dislike her and it’s her birthday, he gifts her what she craved for.
The girl made kinda crazy faces several times (that’s why, with the few random pics I had opened to see if it was worth a download myself, I got the wrong impression), the boy appears to be an M, but I don’t have particular reservations about the rest, I think it should be a worthy read for most of you guys :)

Just see for yourselves, and if it’s right up your alley, have a good time :)
Thanks to Pingu and Xinsu, from Xinsu Translations! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share 5nenme No Houkago and Niwasaki Poolside.

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Kuroyuri Shoujo Vampire (” Vampire Girl Black Lily”) [English, 200 pictures], by Asagi Ryu

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So, can you find where the censorship is hidden? :D

Oh, wow. Definitely one of the best-looking yuri hentai mangas I’ve seen this decade.

Here comes Kuroyuri Shoujo Vampire, in which teenage female vampires try to live normal lives, dreaming of becoming humans, while various other personal interests coincide around them. It’s one of those canvases in which there may be opposing parties, but none of them are intrisically evil.
We’re far from the bloody perverse vampires we see in most novels, the girls don’t sparkle either in sunlight, the shoujo-ai and yuri spirit is there ^^

Honest warning, the manga is relatively confusing, with the storytelling making use of ellipsis and partly non-linear chapter orders. There’s mutual love, plot twists, but it’s not the simplest storyline there has been.
In terms of art, that was GORGEOUS, no less. Almost zero dot zero censorship, splendid art, beautiful female clothes and lingerie, the most refined drawing style you’ll see in yuri… Hats off!! :kickass:

In case yuri isn’t your cup of tea, I’ll mention there are 2 chapter with futanari sex, one of them between two sisters ;)

We owe this splendid release to Siperi, Shapes and Pr1de, from the E-H Cove, thank you! :jap:

By Asagi Ryuu, I also share Oneesan To Aishiacchaou (“Making Love With An Older Woman”, 196 pictures), Loving An Older Woman (202 pictures), Shoujo Seiiki (“Girls Sanctuary”, 208 pictures, cute teen yuri slice of life), Heavenly Garden Where The Maidens Bloom (Otome Saku 1: graphically the BEST yuri h-manga I have EVE read), Tomodachi No Okasan, I Fell in Love For The First Time, Usui (“Rain Water”), a pack of 3 works, Orihime and the heterosexual (this is so rare!) Onee-san Ga Suki.

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Yurushite! Sister (“Forgive Me, Sister!”) [English], by Maumen

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While I totally enjoy pics like this one, I still wonder... Where does the rest of the man's lower body fit, in that picture?

This story features the best kind of misunderstanding, when a stepsister mistakenly believes her stepbrother is a pervert and it’s a green light to be perverted together ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
You’ll have cute smiles and good sex with very little censorship. For a no-brainer hentai release, I think it’s quite enough to have a good read, enjoy! :)

It’s been released by Anon, NekoHime, Arianisus and Dabor, from Hennojin, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Koakuma Ageman.

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Himitsu No Succubus Rinka-chan [English], by Tokomaya Keita

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That share’s got an old-school taste, it’s super simple, without complications, straight to the point, with strong drawing idiosyncrasies (my easy way to apologize I lack the vocabulary to describe the art ^^)…
Basically, see for yourselves guys, huhu ^^

That said, something struck me, not about the share, but about myself…
Spiking your sibling’s drink with a strong sleeping drug, having sex with the sleeping body (and because it’s hentai, the sleeping boy sports a rock hard schlong. Magic!).
If it were a boy doing it on a girl, I’d be calling it rape. But when it’s a sister doing it on her brother, it’s OK with me… I’m feeling bad to call it rape… So: hypocritical Oliver? Pretty much, yeah. I find this contradiction in me and I don’t find yet a way out of it -_-

Sorry for the rambling, just enjoy, let’s sort it into the wincest genre =)

–Update: turns out it wasn’t an original work, but a parody, a doujinshi inspired by Kiratto Pri Chan O_o Thanks to MarqFJA87 for the info!

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