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Tokoshie Seven [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate / Grand Order game, by Hyocorou

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Is there static around her pubic area? O_o

Let it be known, I tried to read the explanation about who BB is, I truly tried. And now I regret the five minutes of my life that were pointlessly lost in the hopeless attempt -_-
Ah, well. Long story short, in this share, it’s yet another cutie with an unstable personality taking away her beloved master for cuddles and sex in a series of time loops, horndog day.

We may call it a yandere route, but a very light one, the male MC is all for it. And so, a fap’n’go quality scene follows, thanks to Hyocorou’s ever-interesting art :)
Would someone know who I ought to credit for this release, while I’m at it?

For MORE, cf. The list of Hyocorou’s shares on HentaiRules!

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Ane Sora Moyou (“Sister Forecast”) [English], by Kirintei

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RIP your dick... for now. Sooner or later, yourself.

Just like I love to annoy my friends or family with horrible jokes, because they make at least one person laugh: me, I see no issue with mentioning every time the same picture inside yandere hentai shares: listen to Moses, don’t put your dick in crazies :D

The story confused me at first, the girl is with a boy apparently slightly younger than her, who helps her with prepping cosplay, but as soon as things take a sexual route, the boy (a) looks like he became ten younger and (b) the girl (as expected) reveals she’s crazy, asks to be called his sister, and leaves no room for escape anymore.
The yandere side: bah, why not, at least there was no snuff. The shotacon side: fuck that shit, my boner didn’t deserve to die :(
(Edit: there were postcript pics, I was wrong, the boy was young from the get go. Meh.)

It’s good sex, with the creepy you’d expect from yandere hentai. Kirintei’s drawn better volumes, sure, but it delivered quite a punch nonetheless.
Thanks to White Symphony for this release! :jap:

By Kirintei, I also share Ane Sora Moyou, Gochisousama Wa Kikoenai, Mina No Off Kai, Aigan Ningyou To Kako Ni Torawareta Kanojo, Tsukasa Blog (decensored) + Aishite Yamanai Shoujo, Yukiho’s Tea has a Taste of Love, and Yandere Girl Giving Fellatio All Night Long. And there’s the Favorite Memories case, a non-yandere one o_O

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Kaiin Douyoku Bokan Shoukaku [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Azur Lane game, by Aya Shachou

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Ah, I wish I could know how it feels, to be engulfed like that in that softness!

It had been a while, here’s a decent yandere-based hentai doujinshi for you guys :)

Soft yandere, though, not the “ends up with blood or death omens” genre. Shokaku, one of the girls in Azur Lane, has entraped her Admiral with her seduction, becoming an unavoidable and all-important part of his life, basically, and her constant presence leaves him no way out of this potentially toxic relationship.
She has beautiful, slightly eery eyes, with a determined predatory expression, this alone was enough to make her a yandere ^^;;

As for the rest, it’s relatively average (huge white censorship bars), without being bad either, really it’s a matter of tastes, so see for yourselves :)
It’s been released by Epistaxis, thank you!

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Sokubaku Belfast [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Azur Lane game, by Ikura Nagisa

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Why does she have a broken chain collar around her neck, btw? O_o

The yandere. I know people like that exist in the real world too, I’m glad I never met some :D Or, scary thought, I’m glad nobody I know revealed his or her hidden yandere side, has that thought ever crossed your mind too, maybe some of the people you know have a freak hidden side? :shock:

Ahem. Anyway, this share: the admiral in Azur Lane thought Belfast was his bitch. Mid-story she shows him who’s the bitch. All of that with very good drawings :)
Thanks to Doujin-Moe for this release!

By the same artist, I also share Yandere Shigure Soushuuhen (94 pictures).

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Kiyohii No Hon [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Fate/Grand Order series, by SeN

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A hole is a hole? Right. But a fucking crazy yandere is a fucking crazy yandere. Just saying, you know.

Kiyohime is horny as fuck for her master.
So she kidnaps him and takes him to a secluded island.
Not as good.
He doesn’t mind.
Seriouslyyyyyyyyyy ^^;;

This share comes as a sequel to Kiyohi No Hon (notice: only one “i”) and now has 3 follow-up volumes, Kiyohii No Hon 2-3-4.

Graphically, it’s the pros of having a girl entirely focused on sex and mutual pleasure, every page was bursting with eroticism, this was fairly good. I write “fairly”, because I resented the printing quality, the images looked a bit washed out and flat, lacking volumes, lacking contrasts, partly due to the lack of screentones, replaced with inferior ben-day dots (I found their name! it’s when dots are used to replace shadows). I tried retouching it but the improvement was close to invisible.

It’s still a good read, I believe, so, enjoy! And thanks to the Anon who commissioned Constantly for this release :)

By the same artist, I also share Kanjite Somete (“Feel And Imprint It”), a pack of 2 mangas (Ame Ni Yadorite + Osananajimi No Gin No Hane), another pack of 2 works (Kiyohi No Hon + Unbalance Goddess), Kiyohii No Hon 2-3-4, Katakoi, The True Ending’s Other Side, Shiroi Doukyuusei, Kokoro Bakari Present and Please Hold Me.

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Kaerimichi Nite (“On The Way Home”) [English], by Iwasaki Yuuki

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The man has a seriously good baguette, to make it out of this booby trap

Niiiiice! It’s quite rare, hentai mixed with the shivers of horror :3
As any good horror story, it starts normally but you quickly suspect something is amiss. Hentai oblige, this will involve lots of sex with a hottie.
As for the conclusion… as if I was going to spoil it for you!

Good art, for the hentai part, not too censored, and, damn, those boobs!! :D
Thanks to =7BA= and Nova for this release, I loved it :)

By the same artist, I also share Kumo No I.

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Yandere Shigure Soushuuhen [English, 94 pictures], a full-volume hentai doujinshi parodying the Kantai Collection game, by Ikura Nagisa

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Yuudachi, aka miss out-yandered
The whole volume is about Shigure, so here, have a pic of another girl lol.

If you’re into yandere, here’s a pretty good volume. More precisely, as a soushuuhen, here this is a compilation in full-volume form of shorter earlier publications (I had already shared one of them.)

The gist, in short: one of the Kantai Collection shipgirls, Shigure, has had her spirit broken by battle dramas, and as a consequence she now pathologically clings to her Admiral. He loves her, but, still, she’s spooky, being so jealous and possessive. At first, this is “yanilla”, if you’ll allow the bad pun, with love taming the yandere beast: no need to be jealous since the Admiral deliberately commits himself. However, soon enough Shigure’s truly broken nature surfaces, she won’t tolerate polygamy and is ready to see the everything torched if needed.

The art is okay, not amazing but decent enough, a fetish for braids should help. You’ll have Shiguri and Yuudachi doing H things.
Credits are for Hereis and Vilis from Hennojin, and Cgrascal, thank you!

By the same artist, I also share Sokubaku Belfast.

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