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Clover volumes 1-2-3-4 [English, 121 pictures], a pack of four hentai doujinshi parodying the Yotsuba-to series, by Kansai Orange (aka Arai Kei)

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I thought I'd pick an unusual sexual position, once in a while, for the picture on top of the post ^^

Repack time! I already shared Clover #1 in the past but its links have become mostly dead; Clover 2 and 3 were disappointing (censored as fuck); and today I find Clover 4 has been released, and this time it’s a good volume, worth sharing. I can motivate my ass again and gather it all in an easy to read compilation :D

In this quality (as in: the characters’ personalities are respected) Yotsuba-to parody, Fuuka and Yotsuba’s father, Kowai, make a good couple. They’re both airheads, they both act without thinking much, and they’re all for unprotected creampies without thinking ahead. (No wonder Kowai is a single father *cough*.)
The volume 1 starts with Fuuka already in a sexual relationship with Kowai, briefly having a fling with a classmate (unprotected, naturally, which will leave open questions as to who is the future father), while the 3 next volumes are back to the Fuuka-Kowai routine.

It’s “slice of life” sex moments, not life-changing episodes, that we get to watch; it gives a natural, soothing impression, served very well by the soft, warm, artistic feeling we get from the good drawings, rich with screentones and talent. There’s a really pleasant feeling coming from the art, as if the artist really loved the characters, in my eyes, it shows, and it matters a lot :)

We owe those volumes to Tigoris Translates and Gairaigo, thank you very much! :jap:

By the same artist, known as Arai Kei and as Kansai Orange, I also share Yugame (Distorted Love), The Preying Mantis’ Nest, HaPPY LIfe, Natsu No Hate, Otonari-san Wa Koi Wazurai, Doutei Otoko To Toramimi Onna, and a MASSIVE pack with ALL my other English-translated works by Kansai Orange (20 volumes, no less, and I retouched/improved them whenever I could!)

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Kion 36C Shitsudo 72% (“Temperature 36°C, Humidity 72%”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Yotsuba-to series, by Kitsuneko Anko

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I noticed that, in fiction (be it hentai, movies or books), a scorching, humid weather means you’re in the mood for intense sex. Is it really like that for most people? Personally, the heat and humidity tend to turn me into an empty shell lacking strength and libido…

In this share, Fuuka (highschool girl, meaty, with readership suspicions she has a crush on Yotsuba’s father) masturbates while thinking, precisely, of Yatsuba’s father, Koiwai-san. Who overhears her calling his name. And comes. And offers the dick she was yearning for :)
The drawings are simply splendid, with a unique art style, very little censorship and lots of skill, of care, of intensity, poured into each and every panel, wow :shock:

Thanks to Resurrective and Intumescence, from Akanyade for this release!! :jap: If you like what they do and want to join ship, scroll to the comments below this post, Zathael gives contact info :)

By the same artist, I also share the excellent Diane’s Question.

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Fuuka To Wakuwaku Chikan Densha (“Fuuka and a Train of Excited Molesters “) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Yotsuba-to series, by Black Dog

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There are no brakes on the chikan train! - figure of speech, fortunately.

Fuuka, the highschooler in the a-do-ra-ble Yotsuba-to manga, rides the train, and doesn’t realize she boarded the chikan car.
Chikan follows.

We meet the usual Black Dog idiosyncrasies: the resolutely non-dramatic mood (all in all, it feels good, it’s not a problem, might as well shamefully enjoy it, and no big deal once it’s over with even an option to perhaps have at it again in the future), the faptastic drawings, the faces flushed with intense pleasure, the hourglass figure, the intense action, the feeling you’re with an extremely skilled mangaka…
Haa, it was good, and I don’t care if that was a forced sex scenario, I’d forgive almost anything from Black Dog :D

We owe this release to enough people to make a football team: Brolen and Svines85 for B.E.C. Scans, Powergenie for the raws, Rhudson765 for the commissioning, with also Dynellen, Dap00, Akira7622, BrainSucks, Over Eh, Hopebringer and Sonnymafia. Thank you! :jap:

(Remember to view the updated list of ALL Black Dog’s shares on Hentairules)

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Fuuka And The Secret Physical Measurements [English], a Yotsuba-to hentai doujinshi, by Jingrock

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There's "candid sex" - we now need a new category, "Fuuka sex"

… … what ?!?
Fuuka (here, it matters not that she belongs to the Yotsuba-to universe) comes late to a physical at school. And then things become crazy. You know this tale, with the king marching all naked, but nobody dares tell him ? Here, it’s a bit the opposite, it’s a group of male teachers that lead the physical, and they’re naked, although behaving as naturally as of usual.
Fuuka loses her marbles, things become ecchi, and… WHAT DID I JUST READ ??? :shock:

Oh well, the art was good, and if you’ve got the right mindset, you might see it as a comedy manga O_o Still, thanks to 5 A.M. Translations for this release ! ^^

(For more works by Jingrock, Cf. The list of Jingrock’s works on Hentairules…)

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Lustbreeders 2 [English], a Yotsuba-to hentai doujinshi, by Mousou Deguchi

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"Please be gentle" - ORA ORA ORAAAAAAAAAAAAA : I'm almost seeing it, lol ^^

Five weeks ago, I was sharing Lustbreeders. Here comes the second volume, it is a sort of prequel showing the first times between Fuuka and Yotsuba’s father. Good happy sex with mutual care and comedy, and a good combined effort to reach together the climax point.
In this regard, the transition between the pages 3 and 4 was glorious, lol, I have a hard time resisting throwing a spoiler… :lol:

Release credits are for Crystalium, Wavedash, MrWayne, Axalon and Almond, from Team Vanilla, thank you for this one ! ^^

Update: that fucked up detail, LOL ^_^

Mousou Deguchi is a circle name for a team made of two hentai mangakas, Unou and Oomori Harusame.
By Oomori Harusame, besides Lustbreeders 1, I also share A Strange Couple, Mishiro-san Hassurusu, Watashi No Oshigoto Toranaide, Kanako To Ojisan, Do You Need An Extension, More Than Siblings, Less Than Lovers and the uncensored version of Hiiro No Ano Musume Nya Te Ga Desenai.

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Lustbreeders [English], a Yotsuba-to hentai doujinshi, by Mousou Deguchi, a group composed of Oomori Harusame and another artist

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I love beer. Beer is life. Beer is love. Beer saved the day, again.

Thank you alcohol, thank you beer, Fuuka had sex with the father of Yotsuba, at last, she was totally craving for it, huhu ^^
There’s a slight comedic note (drunk talking), the drawings are good without being exceptional (Fuuka is represented as plump, with huge tits and generous hips, the censorship is forgettable). And – maybe : I’m mentioning it in case some of you detest if so much that you’ll prefer to steer away from just the possibility of its presence – there is a slight, a subtle netori ambiance, as Fuuka has a boyfriend even though she never cared about him (he’s just a mention), and she loves Kowai instead, only focusing on him in her fantasies.

Credits are for Ero Funk and Lolicon Jon, from Nakadash! Translations, thank you :)

Two artists worked together in this release, first Oomori Harusame, and second… ah, I don’t know, sorry ^^ ;
By Oomori Harusame, I also share A Strange Couple, Mishiro-san Hassurusu, Watashi No Oshigoto Toranaide, Kanako To Ojisan, Do You Need An Extension, More Than Siblings, Less Than Lovers and the uncensored version of Hiiro No Ano Musume Nya Te Ga Desenai.

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Clover 1 [English], a pleasant Yotsuba-To hentai doujinshi, by Kansai Orange

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You're not falling in love son. It's oxytocin high.

Fuuka, from Yotsuba-To, gives a paizuri to Yotsuba’s daddy, and then, later, she has sex with one of her male class friends who is in love with her. And, perhaps, in the end, is she starting to feel not just friendship, but love…
The art, as for it, is good without being exceptional… and yet… aaargh, I don’t have the proper words to express it, there’s a really PLEASANT feeling coming from the drawings, as if the artist really loved the characters… There’s human “warmth” poured into every one of these drawings…

My description isn’t helpful, right ? I apologize I can’t convey how it feels, see for yourselves ? T__T
This pleasant read has been brought to us by Gairaigo, thank you ! :)

–Update: this share has become obsolete (plus, all links but one had died.)
Please, see this more recent post with Clover volumes 1-2-3-4 :)

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