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Bokkin Paradise 2014 All-Star Gotcha Matsuri [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Yu Gi Oh series, by Totsugasa

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I recently discovered the Shadows/Highlights filter in photoshop would ALSO yield excellent results on hentai greyscale pictures, and not just on my family holiday overexposed photos ^^;;

I briefly tried understanding what the hell is happening, but… no. I can’t even.
Let’s stick to the facts: girls from some Yu Gi Oh sequel are either or both: hypnotized / raped / brainwashed / having happy sex / transformed into futanari / raping other girls / mindbroken / having quality yuri time.

I’ll let you enjoy if the art is to your taste. Thanks to whoever is behind this release!
And me, basically, I will: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Ponkotsu Kukkoro Kettousha Serena-chan (“Worn-out Duelist Serena-chan”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V series, by Leaz Koubou

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Honestly, the story was bad, but I felt like taking advantage of the girl before she could move again

I don’t even know how, I have a soft spot for the hentai works by Leaz Koubou. So, here comes a share, in which a Yu-Gi-Oh girl, Serena, is hentai raped by 3 dudes; I certainly reckon the art is only average and the story kinda sucks – but I still felt like sharing it.
Heh, it’s MY blog, I can share crap if I want :D

Still, thanks for Glittering Translations for this release, some new Leaz Koubou can’t be that bad ^^;;

By the same artist, I also share Light And Darlnell, Wari To H Na Sentaichou No Ichinichi, Dangan Angel, I Potcha, Shuffle Time and Millenium Magic.

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An An Anna-chan [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Yu Gi Oh Zexal hentai anime, by Wicked Heart

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Meh story, decent art

That one comes as a courtesy for a friend who asked me to clean a messy hentai doujinshi, in which the scans were bad. So, well, let’s also share it on hentairules (I’m open to “clean it please” demands, just don’t overdo it, OK.)
In short, BeforeAfter..

The story here kinda sucks, it’s about one of the heroines in Yu Gi Oh Zexal getting filled with aphrodisiacs and then enjoying a lot to be assfucked and double penetrated. Meh – but the hentai action is real hot once the scene gets the impact it deserves after some levelling and smoothening.
Credits are for Glittering Translations, domo arigato! :jap:

Quick edit: for future reference hopefully, I found out the mangaka is Zootan, while the circle is Wicked Heart.

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Watashi O Daite Tonde [English], a Yu Gi Oh Arc V hentai doujinshi, by Neo Wing

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Last time I cared about Yu Gi Oh, the story revolved a weird boy with a crazy haircut playing card games with slightly weird guys and their ultimate enemy was a megalomaniac billionaire spoiled kid. Today, curious about how Yu Gi Oh Arc V might be different from the original series, I read the Wikipedia summary. HOLY COW! Things have gotten serious, lol.
Well, the present share steers clear off drama and serious business involvements, we’re simply shown happy sex with love between Yugo and Rin, two of the main characters, who exchange vows to be husband and wife and proceed to immediately consummate their marriage. Vanillaaaa~~~~

The drawings are OK, not amazing, but still instilled with care for the characters, moving even when you never heard of that series before, instilling us with human warmth, it was, perhaps oddly, more pleasing than arousing… Ah, see for yourselves ^^ And many thanks to Mikol, Biribiri and PureEnergy for that one! =)

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