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Nikuhisyo Yukiko Volumes 1-2 [English, 291 pictures], by Misaki Yukihiro

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There is no censorship. But no genitalia either ;)

This share is so Japanese in its spirit, I couldn’t feel arousal at all, but I’m not trying to push my tastes onto you, you’re more than welcome to enjoy the two volumes :)
Basically, the Nikuhisyo Yukiko series is about a busty woman, probably between 25 and 30, working as a secretary in a big company, and her body is used as a leverage to convince potential business partners. As the story progresses, another female secretary is introduced, power games are played behind the scenes, etcetera.

The female heroine will undergo constant domination, blackmail and humiliation (remember the BS argument: female orgasms are a shame and an embarrassment, male orgasms are glorious and an object of pride ¬_¬), until she becomes a willing participant and enjoys being a sexual tool for the morally corrupt rich and powerful.

The drawings look seriously old school and fully whiteout-censored (the anal scenes: if the characters didn’t abundantly comment the action, I’d have had no way to recognize it as such :lol: ), and yet I didn’t dislike them, they had a certain charm.
End of the wall of text, enjoy! if that is to your taste. It’s been released by Desudesu and Shin for the volume 1, and Flamingice for the volume 2, thank you!

By the same artist, I also share Netorare volume 1 (102 pictures) and Tohisaki Ni Kouzen Roshutsu Wo Shiirarete (that takes places later on in the Nikuhisyo Yukiko series).

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Alola Chihou No Mamakai Jijou [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Pokémon series, by Takatobiya

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Most of the time, people act grossed out and all at the thought people aged 40 and more have as much lust as teenagers. Weird.

Four Pokémon world moms gather to talk about various MILF topics, and of course sex becomes the #1 topic. With their children away adventuring and their husbands losing interest in them, those meetings are the best opportunity to invite young studs and have an orgy, after all ;)

The art wasn’t awesome, but I’ll call it praiseworthy at least, it didn’t attempt to turn the women into sex bombs but instead showed them with middle-age imperfections, each with their own MILF idiosyncrasies, in itself it was original and worth it, I felt :)
Oh, btw, tt wasn’t worth making a before/after comparison, I’ll simply mention I retouched the pictures to correct levels and occasional artefacts.

It’s been released by PerceptivePercival, thank you! :jap:

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Earth Girls Kazitu Kouhen [English, 148 pictures], (or also “Kajitsu”), by Peachpulsar (AKA Mira)

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D'awwwwwwww =)

Awww, that was heart-warming :)
Here is a new, and maybe final, volume of the Earh Girl series, taking place in an idealized neolithic era, in a village entirely made of women. The story resumes where we left off at the end of Earth Girls Kazitu Zenpen, and the entire manga is about those women resolving their complicated feelings and growing into more mature, more loving persons.

Tons of kissing, of yuri sex (only fingers and tribadism, but drawn well), of dialogues and of vanilla incomiiiing! ^_^
More than simply vanilla or WAFF, in the end, the manga was truly deeply moving. Hats off for making us love those characters like that, Mira sensei! I hope the series isn’t truly over, over those volumes I have grown attached to the characters… Well, we will see in the future :)

This new volume is brought to us by Rika-chan, Mayb, 9-chan, Tab, Rabidpatamon, Ffion, Drpepperfan, Rika-chan, Tab, Peppermint Grinder and Almond, from Yuri-Ism, thank you very, very much, I’m grateful :)

Just in case, if it helps, in reading order, the Earth Girls series is comprised of: Earth Girls Tumugi, Earth Girls, Earth Girls Kazitu Zenpen, and the present volume, Earth Girls Kazitu Kouhen.

For more Peachpulsar greatness, please check the list of her works on Hentairules!

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Ikusa Otome Kairaku Ni Nomareiku [English, 193 pictures], by C.R.

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The best pic. No doubt.

Eh, I’ve seen worse.

What? This isn’t enough for a description?!? ^_____^

Okay. It’s basically the usual, chapter-long stories or small arcs in which warrior or magical girls (who must wear sexy revealing outfits, none of them ever learnt from Samus) are dominated/trapped/subjected and raped/mindbroken/betrayed with mostly tentacles (two thirds of the chapters, let’s say) or with futanari dick (a small third of the action). There’s the occasional surprise when the mangaka, perhaps by accident, throws a plot twist in our face, which would mean there was a plot :shock:
More: there’s even occurences of non-rape sex :shock:

And for the art, once again, eh, I’ve seen worse ^^ Very little censorship, all holes drilled, it was okay.
If you dig this stuff, merry christmas, you freaks! ^_^
Thanks to Doujin-Moe for the scanlation!

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Yankee Zuma Kanraku chapters 1-13 [English, Uncensored, the complete tank + bonus stories, 282 pictures], by Aoi Hitori

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Yikes, that was so hot, I forgot to whine about the story for a minute

Does your boner die when you read stories about wifes fucking other men than their husband? If yes, please do skip this post, 0% of its contents will be to your taste (I’m not kidding please don’t hurt yourselves).
Otherwise, please kind hentai sirs, enjoy this splendid piece of hardcore fuckery brought upon us by Aoi Hitori! :twisted:

In terms of art, this might be the best Aoi Hitori manga to date, the drawings are superb, detailed, generous, hardcore (vaginal, paizuri, anal, DP), and uncensored :shock: The women are also better looking than they usually do with Aoi Hitori, they’re meaty, plump in some panels, but they’re less Rubens-like than usually (you know? Odd shapes, bulks of fat and muscles everywhere), with more natural-looking bodies, which is nice.

In terms of story, it’s from bad to worse. From random fling to blackmail to consensual cump dump status, loan shark exerts dominance, disappointing husbands everyhere… Basically, nobody’s innocent, it’s life in a morally shady world. Deal with it.

Allow me one quote: “We’d like to be a brotherhood of your ass:lol:

Release credits are for R-IC, for both the translation and the decensoring. Thank you very much, that was awesome work, I’m grateful!! ^_^

About Aoi Hitori… She doesn’t release “neutral” works, in my eyes, they’re either super bad (and even then, the “female writer” touch is interesting), or beautiful and moving O_o
– On the appalling side, there would be Naburizuma (“Teasing Wife”), Jimi Tsuma Netorare Shigan, Gibo Nashikuzushi (5 chapters, 106 pages), and Miboujin Konsui Rinkan (“The Widow Coma Gangrape”) (100 pages).
– On the more intelligent and sensible side, there would be: Tutor Wife, the Yeah stories, Yaritai Hitozuma, as well as an older pack of various gathered works (Yaritai Hitozuma chapters 1-3 + A Bit Drunk + Helper + More Than Sister Less Than Brother + Sensei Belongs To Me.)
– Lastly, Mephistopheles Metamorphosis (208 pictures), Zuma Chichi (“Breast Of Wife”, 219 pictures) and Hitozuma O Mawasu 8-Tsu No Houhou (“8 Ways To Gangrape A Wife”, 180 pictures) are so-so, a bit of facepalm, but not too much.

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Pack of 2 works by Doumou [English]: Esper Love + Suou Kyoudai No Chotto Tsuiteru 1-nichi

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I gathered two works by Doumou that were released today:
Esper Love, in which a guy uses his telekinesis ability (making things float) to turn the tables against a girl using an embarrassing to turn him into her gofer. But basically the girl was totally into it, so, eh, it’s only a weird funny way to start being in a couple ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌
Suou Kyoudai No Chotto Tsuiteru 1-nichi, a delightful WTF share in which two siblings are casual lovers, but are tired of each other. They’re in dire need of new sources of stimulation, but what can you do, when you’re flat broke? Should we call it good luck or bad luck, just as they won the lottery the find the perfect girl to rob them blind while fulfilling every of their sexual fantasies, again: ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

It’s fun, it’s drawn very well (even though the second one was censored to death with massive black bars), enjoy! ^_^ And many thanks to Alexey, Seanpie, Baran, Orla, VHRP, Tester and Vilis, from Hennojin :)

And for more, don’t miss My updated list of the Doumou shares on Hentairules!

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Goshujin-sama Daisuki [English], by Peachpulsar

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This volume was, indeed, a bit more hardcore than of usual. You won't find me complaining.

Haaaa, reading Peachpulsar feels good, so good! ^_^
Here is, once again, an original and lovely yuri hentai story, with interesting and endearing characters, enough plot to keep us interested and a bit on our toes, and, naturally, lovely yuri scenes with tribadism, kissing and rubbing :)

This time, a young female merchant gains a magical follower, technically called a succubus, but she’s really more like a cheerful flying cutie with magical powers feeding on her master’s yuri juices to refill her magical energy :D

It’s been released by Anon, Seanpie, Baran and Vilis, from Hennojin, thank you very much! :jap:

For more Peachpulsar greatness, please check the list of her works on Hentairules!

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