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3P Yuri Ecchi Anthology [English, 252 pictures], an anthology of 10 yuri threesome stories, by various artists

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

Heart-shaped irises. I love it.

Decent yuri hentai isn’t too easy to come by, probably because it’s squeezed tiny between softcore and hardcore, and because there aren’t as many customers to drive volume sales, I’d wager?

Here’s a fairly nice volume, a compilation of 9 different stories, by different authors (namely: Paderapollo Norio, Sato, Aweida, Suzuo, Untsuku, Osatou, Ke-Ta, Kaanusu, Umashi Kazuri and Mizudome Aimaiko), with, as the driving theme, threesome between women.
Most of the mood is carefree, although there’s a bit of mischievous naughty rivalry. Only good vibes await, if that can reassure you ^^

Graphically, some chapter feel like professional material, some others will feel like an amateur doujinshi bought at a convention, it felt refreshing, to me :) That said, a word of warning, just like with most yuri productions, this qualifies as ecchi, you won’t see detailed genitalia, there are no penetrations save for one or two fingers.

Thanks to whoever is behind this release! :jap:

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Raikou Shinki Igis Magia II – PANDRA Saga 3rd Ignition [English, 228 pictures], by Erect Sawaru

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

Dark skinned nekomimi = best girl

Please correct me if I’m mistaken, the Pandra series goes in that order, right? First, Pandra 1-2, making an initial arc, followed by Shinkyoku No Grimoire – Pandra Saga 2nd story, second arc, after which there’s the current still ongoing arc, made of Raikou Shinki Igis Magia – PANDRA Saga 3rd Ignition, the present volume, “Raikou Shinki Igis Magia II – PANDRA Saga 3rd Ignition”, and there’s one last third volume incoming to bring it to a close?
Did I get this right?
Edit: so, this present 3rd arc, it’s actually got 4 volumes, 2 of which have yet to be scanlated. Duly noted, thanks for the answers in comments and email :)

But anyway, here’s a second volume to this either latest or third arc of the Pandra series, in which, for some reason only a Japanese mangaka could come up with, the Olympus became a highschool campus, the gods are either students, administrators, or relatives of the campus staff, while the tartarus’ evil lies in wait, with, in addition, the other evils we saw in the previous volumes, a certain grimoire and Pandora’s box.
Which leads us to: tons of sex. Yeah, figures :lol:

You’ll have tentacle sex, “normal” sex, ahegao, sex with love, rape, and a bit of everything in between… But it looks damn great, at least ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

Well, here’s to hoping you like it, thanks a lot to Biribiri and Crevab! ^^

By Erect Sawaru, I also share Oppai Infinity (250 pictures), Seme Chichi (187 pictures), Pandra 1-2 (417 pictures), Shinkyoku No Grimoire – Pandra Saga 2nd story (659 pictures), Raikou Shinki Igis Magia – PANDRA Saga 3rd Ignition (226 pictures), Osanazuma Bakunyuu Nurunuru Soap-jou, Zeen, Eikoku Shiki Goukon Gyakunan Jutsu, JxJ, Akebi After School XXX, The Legend Of Paya Gang Bang Of The Wild and Mugippai.

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Sparta Sensei Ga Oshiego No Bitch Gal Ni Ecchi Na Koto Sareru Hanashi vol. 3 (“The Story Of A Strict Teacher Who Got Fucked By Her Gyaru Bitch Student vol. 3”) [English], + a repack with the volumes 1-2-3 together, by Pandacorya

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 5 comments

Don't look at the toes... Argh, too late, right?

That moment when you finally decide you can, indeed, add the “vanilla” tag… HNNNNGGGYESSS!!!

Here is the third and final volume of the Sparta Sensei Ga Oshiego No Bitch Gal Ni Ecchi Na Koto Sareru Hanashi series, in which a slutty gyaru and her stern female teacher finally manage to have good chemistry around each other :3

At first, the teacher actually attempts to stop her slutty student from sleeping around and selling her body, but instead she discovered the joys of depraved lesbian sex. What a liberation that was.
In this final volume, a falsely respectable female of the public morals committee, a slender brunette with glasses, attempts to dominate the gyaru, before the teacher shows up, knight in shining armor mode, and turns things around. And then, once the storm has calmed down… I melted :)

Graphically, that was A-MA-ZING. And unique. The artist instills crazy energy in every panel, the blatant disrespect for perspective and, often, anatomy, allows to produce tremendous erotic waves, and then there are all the idiosyncrasies. This might be the most impactful yuri hentai manga I shared on Hentairules, hats fucking off!! :kickass:

We owe this release to Yuri, DaiChimpo, FlatRetainer, Princess_Daphie, from YuriYaki, and Oshiri_315, thank you very much!! :jap:

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Hinamix [English, the Complete version!, 351 pictures], by Ryoh-zoh

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 2 comments

That girl is the rule34 of an actual hourglass

Last year, I shared a 75 pictures long “Hinamix volumes 1-2-3”, and then, well, things ended here.
With some delay, I’m glad I can provide a replacement, the COMPLETE Hinamix series, now 351 pages long in total :)

And to sum it up: carefree comedy hentai, INCOMING! ^^

The story begins as the male members of a student council are peeking at panties: that gave the tone away, everybody’s easygoing, and there’s a sense of ambient comedy :)
A girl joins the council, she’s busty, sports a splendid hourglass figure, she’s a total airhead, and she’s the perfect catalyst: the student council members, male and female, will have sex more freely than ever before, in multiple combinations, huhu.

The art was good, but not more than that, the thick censorship bars didn’t help.

In terms of reading pleasure, the overall feeling I subjectively got, that was quite high. I was fond of how easy it was for the characters to enter sex mode, how funny little things could turn out, how the mangaka depicted the cheerful dialogues between the characters. It may not be an unforgettable read, but the mood was lovely :)
I’ll add bonus points for the little gimmick in the end, almost resulting in a 4th wall being broken…

Thanks a lot to EroGPx, Mariannana and Donrandom! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Love To Like EZR (202 pictures, an excellent hardcore comedy).

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Futanari Okami no Namahame Hanjouki [English, 166 pictures], by Kamotama

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 8 comments


Okay, the cover for this manga is awful, with the horrible censorship, but the contents are significantly better, it’s a relief ^^

Here’s a fine futanari hentai manga, about a traditional inn lost deep in remote mountains, in which the proprietress and her maid will gladly welcome female customers. And, one way or another, end up banging them with their futa dicks :D

The manga combined multiple plot ingredients. We start with sex that heals the soul, move on to carefree banging, proceed to punishing a dishonest streamer, and finish with a nice threesome starring a dark-skinned saleswoman. There will occasional comedy moments, no complications, hardly any worry, it’s an easy but not too shallow read, in my opinion :)

Graphically, again, I beg you, forget this horrible cover, the inside is much better. There are only a few small censorship bars here and there, nothing more, and for the rest, the art is, objectively, real good in my eyes, even the futanari aspect (with its obligatory idiosyncrasies and excesses) was decently delivered.

We owe this release to Local Oaf, thank you! :jap:

By the same artist, I also share Futanari Yodoushi Hatsujou-ki (183 pictures).

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Kochira Momoiro Company Volume 3 [English, 216 pictures], + a repack with the 3 Kochira Momoiro Company volumes (649 pictures) in another Zip file, by Ozaki Akira

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 3 comments

I'm slightly saddened there wasn't a single pick with either dick or pussy in all 3 volumes, eh

Aaaand here’s one that I was gonna forget about until the universe’s heat death, were it not for the message a kind twitter user sent me about it: Kochira Momoiro Company has had its 3rd and final volume out! ^__^
Across those 3 volumes, we watch two women running an odd jobs agency, while they, and the various people orbiting around them, all have sex on many an occasion, while helping out various (weird) people.

We have the Ozaki Akira fundamentals, the 24/7 smiles whatever happens or almost, the brains-free non-commital sex, the casual lewd touching and talking that is perfectly normal in this version of the hentai world, the full whiteout censorship. They are combined with this series’ own idiosyncrasies, such as the always unpredictable comedy and amusing characters (I loved that quote: “She looks so happy even her forehead is gleaming!“), and, alas, the rather poor image quality.

All in all, I personally liked it, more than the average Ozaki Akira volume: I don’t read them for the seggs anyway, it’s more like a +/- balance between the comedy bonus points and the creepy assault malus points :lol:
I won’t claim it’s an absolute masterpiece, see for yourselves :)

Release credits, for all 3 volumes, are for Ozakifan, thank you once again, dude, you rock! :D

Fore more, don’t miss The list of Ozaki Akira’s works on Hentairules!

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Kinpatsu X Kyonyuu Ni Henshin De (“Transformed Into A Busty Blonde”) [English, Uncensored, 193 pictures], by Ikuya Daikokudou

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By Oliver (AKA the Admin) on 6 comments

And thus he poured. Amen.

Oh boy, that’s one of the best mangas I have read in a long time! I FELT DAMN GOOD!! :D :woot:

Kinpatsu X Kyonyuu Ni Henshin De is a single story, 193 pictures long in total, combining multiple ingredients I was starving for: comedy, vanilla, happy sex with love, and this feeling I always have a hard time describing, best named as “WAFF”, this warm and fuzzy feeling you have when vanilla makes you feel all happy and cheerful inside :)
Even the negative tags I’ve added to properly describe the share, such as cheating and netori, or the impopular tags like gender bender or futanari, are only depicting short-lived temporary hurdles used for plot progression, you’ll understand…

A brief summary: Higuchi Daiki, is a male highschool genius, obsessed with busty blondes, blessed with near-endless libido. There’s another genius in his school, a girl, with (of course) a huge crush on him… Except that she’s small, a brunette, and is as flat as a board. Ouch. The story begins as she starts putting her scientific experiments to practice, to become a busty blonde and seduce him…
You’ll have several plot twists, plenty of heart-warming moments, and multiple moments of delightful comic relief, come on guys, treat yourselves, read the manga!! :)

Graphically, there’s a bit of pettanko sex, a big of yuri, a bit of busty blonde sex, vaginal and anal action, all of it fully uncensored, woot! :kickass: I had the impression more than the usual number of pages were used for the scenario and character development. I won’t even complain, it was good, all of it! ^^

Would you perhaps know who I ought to credit for this release? I’d love to add the info to my post! Until then, thanks to whoever is concerned! \o/

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