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The Legend Of Paya Gang Bang Of The Wild [English], a rough hentai doujinshi parodying the Zelda: Breath Of The Wild game, by Erect Sawaru

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Having such a fine woman on hand is better than an elixir of youth

Biribiri, Axalon and Jerk, thank you for this, bring us this new Erect Sawaru release, in which Paya, from Breath Of The Wild, is the usual cum dump of her village’s old men. No feelings, just agreed and mutually satisfying lust relieving. The drawings are intense, hardcore, a bit too censored (thick black bars, but we’ve seen worse), with the usual for Erect Sawaru, vaginal, oral, anal and DP (only two paizuri pages sadly.)
And in the end, bonus, a few tentacles pages with Zelda herself.

Would someone know who ought to be thanked, for this release?
By Erect Sawaru, I also share Oppai Infinity (250 pictures), Seme Chichi (187 pictures), Pandra 1-2 (417 pictures), Shinkyoku No Grimoire – Pandra Saga 2nd story (659 pictures, Complete), Osanazuma Bakunyuu Nurunuru Soap-jou, Zeen, Eikoku Shiki Goukon Gyakunan Jutsu, Akebi After School XXX, and Mugippai.

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Hyrule Hanei No Tame No Katsudou (“Activities for the Sake of Hyrule’s Future”) [English], an hentai doujinshi parodying the Zelda: Breath Of The Wild game, by Morittokoke

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Another reason to save Hyrule.

–Update: good news, much higher quality scans have become available, so now we’ve got an HD version to enjoy Zelda’s revealed inner sluttiness :twisted:
A visual comparison, to truly make yourself an idea, ideally: please view those images in full-size, without fitting-to-screen. Ready? Yo: Before / After.
You will find it’s not just the file size, it’s the quality of the surfaces, of the screentones, of the lines, that has been amped up. You will also occasionally find one additional censorship bar, nothing is perfect in this world ;)

I didn’t join the hype train about Zelda’s ass after the first trailer for Breath Of The Wild. Nor later. First, I don’t own a Switch (one day, maybe…), second, what’s with this crazy fashion of throwing your brain into the garbage bin, post “t h i c c” everywhere on the internet as soon as you see a woman wearing pants?!? The fuck?
Yeah, we get it, Zelda wearing pants instead of a dress, that allows to confirm she has butt cheeks, wow, who would have thought, crazy. But, I don’t know, her butt looked “normal” to me, nothing extraordinary, no bubble butt quality as with the godly Marui Maru for instance.

Here, thanks hentai, Zelda’s butt has been slightly altered to become attractive in tight pants ;)
She travels the world with Link, feels his stare eyefucking her from behind, and at last, what had to happen, happens :twisted:

Thanks a LOT to CellTF (who *bought* you guys these scans, besides commissioning the translation and editing!), Axalon, Palaxius, Dark Mac and MrWayne, I’m grateful :)

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Ameiro No Jikan (“Amber Time”) [English], a really sweet hentai doujinshi parodying the Legend of Zelda games, by Kaidou Mizuki

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Not very fappable, but, damn, the warm and fuzzy feelings, they are legion!

Odd as it may look, there are only a handful of decent Zelda hentai doujinshi out there (okay, check this one, so the release of this one in English felt great :)

I am not promising you hardcore explicit amazing drawings, the art is decent at best, and good luck seeing Zelda’s pussy or Link’s penis, they do appear but are playing hard-to-get ^^
However, I do promise you a heart-warming volume made of love, of mutual care, with characters looking like they’re real and not just pixels :)

Release credits are for Mikol, Maipantsu and Svines85, from B.E.C. Scans and the EH-Cove, and Michelous Raws for the scans. Thank you dearly :jap:

Nerdy note: I don’t have a TV or a Wii U, the game could be emulated in Dolphin but it is unplayable with a normal Xbox360 gamepad: fuck me, sob, I would really want to play Skywards Sword, argh!

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Exxxxtremely retouched version of : Hajimete No Natsu The First Summer [English], a doujinshi of The Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword, by Usagi Paradise

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And yet, all I wanted, at first, was to retouch one lil' picture ^^;;

It all started with one picture.
It was tilted to the right by 10 degrees except for the texts that were horizontally typed, and it was atrociously titillating my OCD senses.

« Let’s fix it !
Hmm, while I’m at it…
Must the pictures really take 3.8 MB each, in average ?
Why not massively fix the grayscale balance ?
And fix the pixelized parts too.
Oh wait. Do I really want to keep the image borders, with the other pages overlapping behind ? Let’s crop all these centimeters not belonging to the actual image.
Maaan, the lines near the borders are blurred, let’s try to fix it when it’s possible. And darken them.
Ouch, now I realize the image borders were gradually more and more “murky grey”, let’s remove them and have the supposedly white areas, white, anew.
Ew, why are there so many dialogues that aren’t centered in their speech bubbles ? Moving them to the center of the speech bubble is so much better.

What ?!? Has it really been 50 minutes already ? :shock: »
:D :lol:

And there you are, with a home-cleaned version of the best, sweetest The Legend Of Zelda parody I ever read ^_^
There IS sex, and well drawn at that, even if it lasts only a few pages. The rest is delicious vanilla, a cute love story, full of WAFF :)
I don’t know who to thank for this release, but thank you! nonetheless if “you” read this :) (And I hope you won’t mind me hijacking the release and massively re-cleaning the shit ouf of it ! :oops: )

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Zelda hentai doujin [English], The Wild Fucker, by Selene Cordeo

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Zelda english full color doujin

All my thanks go to Dave, AKA Djroc, who sent me a link (he had even uploaded it !) to the english translated version of that spanish zelda hentai doujin :) I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did, such an hilarious hentai doujin is totally worth it :D

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Hentai Lemon (erotic novel) : Heated Twilight (The Legend of Zelda)

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I once wondered how girls playing The Legend of Zelda could feel, making their muscular athletic hero in very fitting green thighs move across Hyrule… Girl or boy, if you have an imaginative spirit, this erotic Zelda story should please you :)

If you’re also after pictures (doujinshi), you can check the hilarious Wild Fucker (imagine link brandishing triumphantly a pot of Viagra) or also the more tragical Legendary Fuck of Zelda.

Back to the novel ! Not so random quote : « Ilia moaned softly into Link’s neck as he pulled her taunt rear-end down into each of his powerful thrusts, driving himself deeper into her deepest corridors. » – want to read more ? :3

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Zelda hentai doujin [Spanish], The Wild Fucker, by Selene Cordeo

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I just LOVE that zelda hentai doujin, in spanish, it’s well-drawn (zeldaaaaaah !!) and totally funny :D Seeing Link brandish a Viagra pot like a new-found treasure or Ganon holding proudly his digital camera because he taped link and Zelda having sex… :D

Update : I was given the link to the homepage of the great artist who drew that, here is her page : , take a visit, and why not, drop a thanks :)

zelda hentai

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