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To view the up-to-date statistics of Hentairules.net please open statcounter.com and enter hentairulesvisitor as login and as password.
You may also check the Alexa Rank for hentairules.net

For the Advertisers:

If the daily ~20 000 unique visitors and ~50 000 pages seen of Hentairules (cf the stats above for more up to date stats), essentially occidental traffic, can interest you, you may make me an offer to hire the web spaces on hentairules for your commercial campaigns.
Promoting is OK, betraying is not OK – bogus programs and scams are not allowed.

Available formats: 120×600, 160×600, 320×250, and you can offer your code to replace the current popup (max one popup per user per day, no layer ads nor pop-as-you-leave)
I do not accept to post promotional messages faking my visitors pretending it is a normal blog note of mine, but I can publish a promotional blog note post as long as it is clearly obvious or officially stated that this is an advertisement, and this is something I think is actually pretty good and would deserve to be presented to everyone (I don’t spit on money, but I’d rather not earn it rather than spout lies, yep.)
Contact me to discuss this subject.

For the Hentai Webmasters:

– About linktrades:

If you are a hentai webmaster, I am maybe open for a link trade. For a reciprocal hardlink exchange, you must either be a big site, or be a cool nice original site that I will like, feel free to contact me to propose an exchange. I refuse banner exchanges, this is SEO-unfriendly and the design of hentairules is already heavy enough :-/
There’s also the issue of my site having already tons of external links, so I have become reluctant to adding links, TBH.

– Making money with your adult website:

My website isn’t a business but a hobby (for a decent enough living, I have a job, in the real world).
But, still, I never wanted to hide my opinion about it, the site must be paying for its own hosting (along the years, I moved from a hosting plan, to another, to another, and now I ended up on dedicated hosting, with the tech guy to make sure it doesn’t break, and additional fees here and there, it huuuuurts T_T), I don’t want to have to spend my own money on the site, that money is for “real world” things, and the site’s money income must make a little reserve for the hard days (like when you pay extra to fix a broken server and you don’t understand shit as to what happened).
And, second, I enjoy seeing the website earn its money nonetheless, that is most gratifying to see the time you’ve spent is rewarded with a bonus that, after it’s paid every site expense, you can use on beer or on a meal with your family one every few months (just don’t mention to your stepmother that the meal you offered was paid by dozens of thousands of ejaculations, that might ruin her appetite).
I don’t commission manga scanlations every new week, but the leftover, when I know I can afford it, goes into new hentai commissions, also.

I list all the ways I earn money thanks to hentairules.net (with my referal links, heh ^^) on THAT page.
As soon as you decide to make some revenue with your own adult website, I am confident that this will help you.

I am open for suggestions (do not hesitate placing your own referral link) if you know other good ways to make money.

– The blog hosts that I recommend

As a blog engine, I recommend Worpress, simple, easy to use, zillions of easy to install plugins to customize it, zillions of superb free templates to make it beautiful and almost unique. You can either download wordpress from wordpress.org to upload it to a hosting space of yours, or choose the free hosting of a wordpress blog offered by wordpress.com (adult stuff allowed as long as it’s mainstream and contains no straight explicit pictures, let’s say it’s rated 16+ but not 18+, the limitations of the .com version is that you can’t chose your custom template and upload additional plugins, and you can’t hack into your stylesheet.)

That said, you can opt for another option, more popular nowadays, a reader. For that… welp, I’ve got no clues. You’ll have to google it out yourself.
Still, hear me out, rather than a blog, a reader is an interesting choice that may be better suited for what you have in mind, it depends, it’s a possibility. Give it a thought.

If you want freedom, you must not depend on blogspot or other free blog platforms, not even wordpress.com. The only long-term safe solution is to have your own domain (namecheap.com is cool and cheap, internet.bs if your domain name looks edgy and because internet.bs provides privacy protection without an overcharge), and have that domain point to a web hosting space you pay for, where your blog (wordpress, or dotclear, for instance, or a reader, whatever) is uploaded. With that, in case shit happens, you just have to move elsewhere, restore a backup copy of your files and your database, and update where your domain points to.

Having your blog on your own hosting space is freedom! You can build a kickass website, sexy, pleasant, original, fitting you like a glove, and the contents (database) are yours, your balls are not in the palm of the hand of another company, you’re free to move to another host if you like.

(For the mentions below, don’t forget that page was last significantly updated in 2011, double-check for yourselves if what I have written is still valid, okay? You cannot expect I’m updating that page every six months just for your cute eyes ;) )

For quality adult blog hosting, I recommend two hosts: Hostgator and Servage. Both of them cost around 10$ per month, they’re both VERY good with, for each of them, only one annoying limitation.

Hostgator, first:
. Choose a “Baby” plan ;)
I’ve been using hostgator in 2009 and 2010 (for small to average family and personal websites, as backup/test-ground for hentairules and for media and picture attachements for hentairules), I’m extremely satisfied with them.
. Look at the awesomeness: you have unlimited allowed bandwidth and disk space, you can host as many domains as you like and use as many databases as you like. I am a bandwidth whore (my attached pictures and media remained hosted on hostgator until 2011) and I never had problems with them, that’s real quality for just 10 $!
. Plus, the support is a-we-some, the Live Chat techies start a live chat conversation after a maximum of 2 minutes of waiting time, and you’ve got an admin-level contact capable of answering all your questions and helping you with whatever problem you have, helping you solve bugs or find how to do something in your administration pages.
. The administration panel may look complex in the beginning, this is a real Cpanel system (the cream of the cream!). And if you just want to host one website without complications, simply open your Cpanel and then start a live chat conversation, you’ll have a step by step guidance.
. One-click installation of a wordpress blog, as well as several other platforms (that is also offered by Servage).
. THE limitation: they allow a maximum of 100 000 “inodes” (one inode is one file, one folder, one email, anything present in your hosting space: that means 100 000 files – database entries don’t count, one database is one file no matter the contents of the DB). Depending on what you’re planning as a website, it may be a limitation.

Servage is the simplest quality host that I recommend.
Hentairules was hosted during almost 2 years (between 2007 and 2008) at Servage, I know a bit about them.
. They cost me around 8 dollars per month only, and for that price you have a VERY simple administration interface and an efficient website hosting, working flawlessly.
. The allowed web space and bandwidth usage are technically limited, but you’ll have to be a super big website to reach these limitations.
. The support has fallen in quality since the previous years, I’d rate it as average now. This is no live chat, but internal message systems. They may respond to you very quickly (in 20 minutes), but more and more often they’ll forget to reply or make evasive worthless replies until you have to insist a lot…
. THE most annoying limitation is that they count the number of server hits and restrict them to 400 000 per day (more than that and your website is unplugged until the next day). A hit means “one file sent to your visitor by servage’s servers because it was not yet in your visitor’s browser’s cache”, it can be an image, a javascript , a php script, a css stylesheet, your favicon, an html file, a 404 error page, etcetera. With a standard wordpress blog with a simple template, that means you can’t welcome more than 30 000 visitors per day. But if you have a big complex template, and you attach pictures in your posts, and you love to use blog plugins, you’ll dramatically reduce the number of allowed visitors per day :-/
–> That makes Servage.net good for non-ambitions websites seeking simplicity, mostly.

If your blog’s traffic grows massive (over 50k uniques per day, with regular peaks above that), then give up on mutualized hosting, you’ll have to find a dedicated or virtual private hosting plan, even if it is much more complicated . I’m an exception, I had found one of the very rare mutualized hosting plans accepting adult websites with massive traffic, but that this is a french-speaking host (OVH, they also have a british section for UK), I can’t recommend it to webmasters of other countries. And when I finally had to make the big move and go to dedicated hosting, I still opted for OVH, their support is slow as hell (what, 24 to 36 hours, seriously?!?), but they’re excellent in all other regards (better dedis than the American hosts, for a lower price at that, yay!)

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[…] seen in Hentairules.net) – With a monthly charge of $7.97 ($95.64/yr) for their “baby” package. But with […]

9 years ago

As a fellow perv, I know you heard of e-hentai.org. So with that much being said, I seen a Sekirei doujinshi and a manga by Utamaro that you would like to possibly get someone to translate. They both look to be ooze with hardcore sex and pure vanilla

http://g.e-hentai.org/g/738181/e93b7cbf7d/ (Utamaro)
http://g.e-hentai.org/g/741486/aeac1ea897/ (Sekirei)

9 years ago

It's been longer than half a year!

I blame Destiny. Go send hate mails to Bungie.

9 years ago

I finished going checking the first chapter, but that took a couple days. I never noticed before how uncentered any of Desu's text is :(

I've also been proofing stuff for Biribiri and JobT, as well. And, well, JobT actually pays me to do it, so…

9 years ago


Long time anonymous fan here, sorry to interrupt your hardcore perving, just thought I'm mention a manga called 'In Bura'

No doubt you're already aware of it, but just in case you're not, have a read one of these days, it is very, very funny.

Hope you enjoy!

9 years ago

Hi Admin!
How are you?
Which Webhost do you recommend for hosting adult content ( like your website but for videos)?
Thank you!

8 years ago

Please add erotichdworld.com to your list, i added your website there.

8 years ago

I recommend https://www.ukhost4u.com/ as a reliable hosting for hentai industry

6 years ago

Just thought that you should put up the following Gunma Kisaragi hentai that I found uncensored including the complete It’s a Straight Line to Love hentai

6 years ago

Here’s the complete It’s a Straight Line to Love hentai link if you want to add it to your website. It’s in colour as well.

6 years ago

Sorry for not putting up the links for the Gunma Kisaragi hentai. First link is A Straight Line to Love – Complete and uncensored 6 chapters + the bonus and extra chapters. The second is Help Me, Misaki Chan. It’s funny and the 3rd is Summer Play. It starts off as loli, but the characters age in it. All are in colour, in english and is uncensored. You might want to put them up on your site.

6 years ago

check my site and send me one email :)

1 year ago

Good other stuff like doujins and original work for spanish hentai lovers;
They have some good stuff like kimetsu no yaiba https://doujinshi.me/manga/kimetsu-no-yaiba/1 or this one (my favorite UwU) original creation based on fate grand order https://doujinshi.me/doujins/sanzou-chan-to-uma-color-sanzang-c0-en in full color with english subtitles.

4 months ago

Personally, I’ve found quite a lot of hentai fr content that looks like the ones previously mentioned here: https://hentai-fap.fr/ I don’t know if it’s licensed, but there’s plenty of choice for perverts.